Integration of Zen Coding (a set of plugins for high-speed HTML and CSS coding) into a Gedit plugin
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Zen Coding version 0.6 for Gedit

A new, shorter way of writing HTML and CSS for Gedit.

General Information

Zen Coding lets you write shorthand HTML and CSS and then expand it to valid code.

This is a Gedit plugin that integrates Zen Coding into Gedit.

Installation Instructions

  1. Unpack the plugin file and the zencoding directory into ~/.gnome2/gedit/plugins.
  2. In Gedit, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Plugins to find and enable the plugin.
  3. Try it out!


Type or select an abbreviation like ul#navigation>li*5>a then hit Ctrl+Shift+E.

Once expanded, hit Ctrl+G or Ctrl+Shift+G to navigate between placeholders.


  • Zen Coding - the music makers, the dreamers of the dream
  • Mike Crittenden - the maintainer of the Gedit plugin
  • Franck Marcia - updated the plugin to match zencoding 0.6
  • Stuart Langridge - originally wrote the Gedit plugin