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Zuper Zmall Zeeded Zound Zynth
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ZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zeeded Zound Zynth

By Frank Force - 2019


ZzFX Features

  • Micro synth engine with 6 controllable parameters, you can add more.
  • Seeded sounds can also be played using as few as 4 bytes, ex: z(3)
  • Able to produce a wide variety of sound effect types.
  • Tiny footprint, after being minified, ZzFX is only 352 bytes!

ZzFX UI Features

  • The UI is just a seed browser for ZzFX.
  • When the page loads it is filled with cards each corresponding to a seed.
  • Click on a card to play the sound for that seed.
  • Each card also has a unique visual apearance tied to that seed.
  • You can click on the ZzFX logo to copy the last played seed or change it!
  • There is a section in code to create a preset card layout.

Additional notes...

  • Be careful of variable name collisions! vars used are ZzFfXRr, don't use them.
  • If you use closure compiler, it will shorten the internal variable names.
  • You can use R() instead of Math.Random() to save space.
  • Feel free to completely modify any of this code!
  • Try playing multiple sounds at once for unique effects.
  • You can also use negative seeds.
  • There is built in 5% frequency randomness in z(), you can change it.
  • You may want to add parameters to z(), like a volume setting for example.

Here's the latest version of the minfied code you can use directly!

// ZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth - Minified (352 bytes) - MIT License - Copyright 2019 Frank Force
X=new AudioContext;r=0;R=e=>(r^=r<<3,r^=r>>2,r%e)
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