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ZzFX - Zuper Zmall Zound Zynth

ZzFX Sound Designer

ZzFX Music

ZzFX Sound Board Demo

ZzFX is a JavaScript sound effect engine and creation tool

  • Sound effects can be generated or manually created using the web based sound designer.

  • Just include ZzFX.min.js to load ZzFX, it does not need to be initialized.

  • Or you can use ZzFX.micro.js a tiny (<1k) version that has only the ability to play sounds.

To play a sound in code, just call a simple function! Here are some examples...

zzfx(...[,,537,.02,.02,.22,1,1.59,-6.98,4.97]); // Heart
zzfx(...[,,925,.04,.3,.6,1,.3,,6.27,-184,.09,.17]); // Game Over
zzfx(...[1.5,.8,270,,.1,,1,1.5,,,,,,,,.1,.01]); // Piano
zzfx(...[,,129,.01,,.15,,,,,,,,5]); // Drum

Here's the code for the ZzFXmicro, this all you need to play ZzFX sounds!

zzfxV=.3 // volume
zzfx=    // play sound
(t=1,a=.05,n=220,e=0,f=0,r=.1,h=0,o=1,M=0,s=0,z=0,i=0,u=0,c=0,x=0,d=0,X=0,b=1,m=0,l=44100,B=99+e*l,C=f*l,P=r*l,g=m*l,w=X*l,A=2*Math.PI,D=(t=>1+2*t*Math.random()-t),I=(t=>0<t?1:-1),S=B+g+C+P+w,j=(M*=500*A/l**2),k=(n*=D(a)*A/l),p=I(x)*A/4,q=0,v=0,y=0,E=0,F=0,G=0,H=1,J=[],K=zzfxX.createBufferSource(),L=zzfxX.createBuffer(1,S,l))=>{for(K.connect(zzfxX.destination);y<S;J[y++]=G)++F>100*d&&(F=0,G=q*n*Math.sin(v*x*A/l-p),G=I(G=h?1<h?2<h?3<h?Math.sin((G%A)**3):Math.max(Math.min(Math.tan(G),1),-1):1-(2*G/A%2+2)%2:1-4*Math.abs(Math.round(G/A)-G/A):Math.sin(G))*Math.abs(G)**o*t*.3*(y<B?y/B:y<B+g?1-(y-B)/g*(1-b):y<B+g+C?b:y<S-w?(S-y-w)/P*b:0),G=w?G/2+(w>y?0:(y<S-w?1:(y-S)/w)*J[y-w|0]/2):G),q+=D(c),v+=D(c),n+=M+=500*s*A/l**3,H&&++H>i*l&&(n+=z*A/l,k+=z*A/l,H=0),u&&++E>u*l&&(n=k,M=j,E=1,H=H||1);return L.getChannelData(0).set(J),K.buffer=L,K.start(),K};zzfxX=new AudioContext

ZzFX Image

ZzFX Features

  • Tiny synth engine with 19 controllable parameters.
  • Play sounds via code, no need for sound asset files!
  • Compatible with nearly all web browsers.
  • Small code footprint, the micro version is under 1 kilobyte uncompressed.
  • Can produce a large variety of sound effect types.
  • Sounds can be played with a short function call. zzfx(...[,,,,.1,,,,9])
  • Both ZzFX and ZzFXMicro run in strict mode.
  • No additional libraries or dependencies are required.
  • Open source with MIT license, you can use this for anything!

ZzFX Music

ZzFX UI Features

  • Generates random sounds from presets.
  • Sound list is automatically saved.
  • Each parameter can be modified with constraints.
  • Lock and mutate buttons for each parameter.
  • Sounds can be renamed.
  • Shortens code for zzfx sound calls.
  • Displays image of sound wave when played.
  • Sounds can be marked as favorites to prevent removal.
  • Sounds can be loaded by pasting zzfx code for easy sharing.
  • List of sounds can be exported and imported.
  • Supports drag-and-drop of exported files into sound list.
  • Supports saving sounds as wav files for offline playback.

Games Using ZzFX

ZzFX Image

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