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TouchPortal Youtube Music Desktop Plugin


This is an integration for TouchPortal that Allow you to control Youtube Music Desktop app



  • [Action] YT Music Playback Play/Pause (Allows you to Pause/Play current Song)
  • [Action] YT Music Playback Next/Previous (let you play previous song or next song)
  • [Action] YT Music Control Like/Dislike (Allows you to Like or Dislike current playing Song)
  • [Action] YT Music Control Volume (Allows you Increase/Decrease volume Note: Values is unchangable)
  • [Action] YT Music Playback seek (Allows you to Forward/Rewind by 10 Seconds)
  • [Action] YT Music Playback Repeat (Allows you to change Repeat States to OFF/ONE/ALL)
  • [Action] YT Music add Current Track to Playlist (Allows you to add current playing song to a X playlist)
  • [Action] YT Music Set seek (Allows you to set position of the Song)
  • [Action] YT Music Set Volume (Allows you to set volume from 0 to 100%)
  • [Action] YT Music Playback Play/Pause (Allows you to Pause/Play current Song)
  • [Action] YT Music Play Track (Allows you to play X queue song)
  • [Action] YT Music Add to Library (Allows you to add current song to your library)
  • [Action] YT Music Playback Shuffle (Shuffles current Song queue)


  • [Events] YT Music is Paused (Trigger True/False if Song is paused)
  • [Events] YT Music Song like States (Trigger if Like states is INDIFFERENT/LIKE/DISLIKE)
  • [Events] YT Music is Advertisement (Trigger if current is Playing Ads True/False)
  • [Events] YT Music Song Reoeat States (Trigger if Repeat states changes to OFF/ONE/ALL)


  • [States] YT Music Song Title (Show current Song title)
  • [States] YT Music Cover Art (Show current playing Song cover)
  • [States] YT Music Song Author (Show current Song Author)
  • [States] YT Music Current Album (Show current Song Album)
  • [States] YT Music PlayerhasSong (Show if player is playing Song True/False)
  • [States] YT Music Play/Pause States (Show if current song is Paused True/False)
  • [States] YT Music Current Volume (Show current Volume 0-100 in percent)
  • [States] YT Music Song Length (Show how long is the Song format 00:00)
  • etc... you get the point




  • Make sure you have latest version of YTMD installed should be Version 1.13+ otherwise Download it Youtube Music Desktop app
  • Download latest version of YTMD Plugin


  • Open TouchPortal and click Import Plugin and Select the Downloaded .tpp file


  • If this is your first Plugin you may need to restart TouchPortal then it warns you if you trust this Plugin and click Trust this
  • Now we will need to enable Web communication in Youtube Music Desktop on main menu hit gear icon near your Youtube account icon
  • and Goto Integrations and Enable Remote control


  • and Then let's head over to TouchPortal Settings. Type the password from YTMD from Protect remote control with password (Should be in blue color) in Passcode entry in the TouchPortal YouTube Music Desktop Plugin settings.




  • IPv4 address This allows you to control Other PC running YTMD Default localhost means your own PC
  • Passcode This is used for authorization to communicate YTMD
  • beta There is Some features that is under testing If your willing to test it Change it to True Default is False
  • Lyrics Range in order to use This it requires you to enable beta. This is used for Scrolling Lyrics default is -5,5 -5 means how far past it will go and 5 means how many newer lyrics going to show so -5,5 will have 10 lines of Lyrics [-5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 ,3 ,4]. Suggesting max of 30 lines of lyrics the More lyrics line the longer it will update
  • Check for Update Default True, When is True it will check for new version If new version is here it will open a browser window to the New version. Change to - False If you do not want to check updates and open browser window.
  • Status This Shows if Youtube Music Desktop is open or not.


If there is any Issues/Suggestions or anything feel free make new Issue In this Github Or you can email me!