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Multiple languages code blocks for GitBook
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path param codetabs

Include multiple languages code block to your GitBook (for example when documenting an API).



Adds the plugin to your book.json, then run gitbook install if you are building your book locally.

    "plugins": ["path-params-codetabs"]

Highlight Path Parameter

In order to highlight path parameters, change {% codetabs %} to {% pathCodetabs %}, then cover up the parameter with {}.

{% pathCodetabs name="CURL", type="bash" -%}
curl -X POST http://genius.genie.ggg/abc/{userId}/{HelloCount}/hey
{% endcodetabs %}

Highlight Path Parameter Example

Using codetabs

This is a code block with tabs for each languages:

{% pathCodetabs name="Python", type="py" -%}
msg = "Hello World"
print msg
{%- language name="JavaScript", type="js" -%}
var msg = "Hello World";
{%- endpathCodetabs %}

Escaping templating syntax

For languages using syntax like {{, {%; we have to escape these content:

Here is some angular and react code

{% codetabs name="Python", type="py" -%}
    {% raw %}
    <h1>Hello {{yourName}}!</h1>
    {% endraw %}
{%- language name="React", type="js" -%}
var React = require('react')
{%- endcodetabs %}
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