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+# monolit
+## monolit
+* is a **simple** photoblog theme based on [WordPress][1] and [YAPB][2]. It's designed to be minimalistic and to focus on what's important - the photo.
+* **depends** on the [Yet Another Photoblog][2] plugin.
+* has a **fixed width** of 900 pixels. It will scale down larger images.
+* has **inline comments** and **no popups**
+* is based on the default WordPress theme, but has also borrowed stuff from the [grain][3] theme and the [monochrome][4] blog with permission from the authors.
+* **free** to be used or modified by whoever chooses to do so
+## monolit is not
+* a photo gallery.
+* feature-rich - you will not find EXIF-data (yet), syndication, or thousands of options. It will not make you coffee.
+# Installation and configuration notes
+## Installation
+1. Download and install [WordPress][1]
+2. Download and install [YAPB][2]
+3. Download / checkout monolit and put it in your **wp-content/themes/** folder
+## Configuration
+1. In the YAPB configuration menu, disable automatic embedding
+2. In the Presentations menu, enable monolit as your theme
+3. In the Options / Reading menu change the 'Show at most' to the maximum
+ number of thumbnails you want to show in a single archive page. By default I
+ recommend this number to be a multiple of 6, eg. 6, 12, 18, 24, etc. This is
+ the default number of thumbs per line and can be changed through the
+ MONOLIT\_SET\_THUMBS\_PER\_LINE value in the **config/config.php** file. If you
+ change this value, remember that the 'Show at most' value should probably
+ also be changed.
+## If you wan to enable archives
+* Create an 'archives' page through Manage/Pages. Remember the title and be sure to select the 'Arcives' template under 'Page Template'.
+* in the **config/config.php** file
+ * change the value of MONOLIT\_SET\_ARCHIVE\_WP\_TITLE to the title of the page you just created
+ * change the value of MONOLIT\_SET\_SHOW_ARCHIVES to 1
+## If you want to enable an about page
+* Create an 'about' page through Manage/Pages. Remember the title.
+* in the **config/config.php** file:
+ * change the value of MONOLIT\_SET\_ABOUT\_WP\_TITLE to the title of the page you just created
+ * change the value of MONOLIT\_SET\_SHOW_ABOUT to 1
+ * to show the timestamp on the about page set MONOLIT\_SET\_SHOW\_ABOUT\_TIMESTAMP to 1
+## Changing the copyright notice and other settings
+* Copyright: Change the MONOLIT\_SET\_COPYRIGHT to whatever you want the copyright notice to say.
+* Change other configuration values in the file if needed. They are pretty much self-explanatory.
+## About photo sizes
+The theme automatically resizes images to a max width of 900 pixels and a max
+height that is customizable through the MONOLIT\_SET\_MAX\_HEIGHT value
+(default is 600 pixels). If you want wider images the layout will break unless
+you change the stylesheet (look for the 'inside' class). Also you can configure
+the thumbnail sizes through the MONOLIT\_SET\_THUMB\_WIDTH and
+MONOLIT\_SET\_THUMB\_HEIGHT values. If you change these values - especially
+the width, you might also want to change the MONOLIT\_SET\_THUMBS\_PER_LINE and
+'Show at most' values as previously explained.
+## About language and messages
+Language and messages can be configured through the **lang/lang.php** file. It
+might take some skill to figure out which message goes where :-)
+## Todo / some future version
+* a smarter way to control the configuration, ie. via the admin page
+* use imagemagick to resize and optionally sharpen downsized photos
+## Requests from users
+* optional support for EXIF-data (currently being developed but it will take a while)
+* syndication support (not likely to happen in near future)
+ [1]:
+ [2]:
+ [3]:
+ [4]:

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