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#lang racket
(require compatibility/mlist)
; **
; Eval and Apply
; **
(define (eval exp env)
(cond [(self-evaluating? exp)
[(variable? exp)
(lookup-variable-value exp env)]
[(quoted? exp)
(text-of-quotation exp)]
[(assignment? exp)
(eval-assignment exp env)]
[(definition? exp)
(eval-definition exp env)]
[(if? exp)
(eval-if exp env)]
[(lambda? exp)
(lambda-parameters exp)
(lambda-body exp)
[(begin? exp)
(begin-actions exp)
[(cond? exp)
(eval (cond->if exp) env)]
[(application? exp)
(actual-value (operator exp) env)
(operands exp) ; Instead of evaluating the operands, we pass them directly to apply-local
env)] ; Apply-local needs the environment as the delayed operands will need to be evaluated when needed
(error "Unknown expression type: EVAL" exp)]))
(define (apply-local procedure arguments env)
(cond [(primitive-procedure? procedure)
(list-of-args-values arguments env))] ; For primitive procedures, we evaluate directly as applicative-order
[(compound-procedure? procedure)
(procedure-body procedure)
(procedure-parameters procedure)
(list-of-delayed-args arguments env) ; All arguments are delayed
(procedure-environment procedure)))]
(error "Unknown procedure type: APPLY" procedure)]))
(define (actual-value exp env)
(force-it (eval exp env)))
(define (list-of-args-values exps env)
(if (no-operands? exps)
(mcons (actual-value
(first-operand exps)
(rest-operands exps)
(define (list-of-delayed-args exps env)
(if (no-operands? exps)
(mcons (delay-it
(first-operand exps)
(rest-operands exps)
; Thunks
; Delayed arguments are not evaluated. Instead they are transformed into Thunks
; Thunks are forced with actual-value only at the output on the driver-loop
(define (delay-it exp env)
(mlist 'thunk exp env))
(define (thunk? obj) (tagged-list? obj 'thunk))
(define (thunk-exp thunk) (mcar (mcdr thunk)))
(define (thunk-env thunk) (mcar (mcdr (mcdr thunk))))
; Thunk memoization
(define (evaluated-thunk? obj)
(tagged-list? obj 'evaluated-thunk))
(define (thunk-value evaluated-thunk)
(mcar (mcdr evaluated-thunk)))
(define (force-it obj)
[(thunk? obj)
(let ([result (actual-value (thunk-exp obj) (thunk-env obj))])
(set-mcar! obj 'evaluated-thunk)
(set-mcar! (mcdr obj) result)
(set-mcdr! (mcdr obj) '())
[(evaluated-thunk? obj)
(thunk-value obj)]
[else obj]))
; Conditional
(define (eval-if exp env)
(if (true? (actual-value (if-predicate exp) env))
(eval (if-consequent exp) env)
(eval (if-alternative exp) env)))
; Sequences
; Evaluation of compound sequence returns the last expression result
; from the list of expressions.
(define (eval-sequence exps env)
(cond [(last-exp? exps)
(eval (first-exp exps) env)]
(eval (first-exp exps) env)
(eval-sequence (rest-exps exps) env)]))
; Assignments and definitions
(define (eval-assignment exp env)
(assignment-variable exp)
(eval (assignment-value exp) env)
(define (eval-definition exp env)
(definition-variable exp)
(eval (definition-value exp) env)
; **
; Expressions
; **
; Numbers and strings self evaluate
(define (self-evaluating? exp)
(cond [(number? exp) true]
[(string? exp) true]
[else false]))
(define (variable? exp)
(symbol? exp))
(define (tagged-list? exp tag)
(if (mpair? exp)
(eq? (mcar exp) tag)
; Quotations are list starting with 'quote
(define (quoted? exp)
(tagged-list? exp 'quote))
(define (text-of-quotation exp)
(mcar (mcdr exp)))
; Assignments start with 'set!
(define (assignment? exp)
(tagged-list? exp 'set!))
(define (assignment-variable exp)
(mcar (mcdr exp)))
(define (assignment-value exp)
(mcar (mcdr (mcdr exp))))
; Definitions start with 'define
(define (definition? exp)
(tagged-list? exp 'define))
(define (definition-variable exp)
(if (symbol? (mcar (mcdr exp)))
(mcar (mcdr exp))
(mcar (mcar (mcdr exp)))))
(define (definition-value exp)
(if (symbol? (mcar (mcdr exp)))
(mcar (mcdr (mcdr exp)))
(mcdr (mcar (mcdr exp)))
(mcdr (mcdr exp)))))
; Lambdas
(define (lambda? exp)
(tagged-list? exp 'lambda))
(define (lambda-parameters exp)
(mcar (mcdr exp)))
(define (lambda-body exp)
(mcdr (mcdr exp)))
(define (make-lambda parameters body)
(mcons 'lambda (mcons parameters body)))
; Conditionals
(define (if? exp) (tagged-list? exp 'if))
(define (if-predicate exp) (mcar (mcdr exp)))
(define (if-consequent exp) (mcar (mcdr (mcdr exp))))
(define (if-alternative exp)
(if (not (null? (mcdr (mcdr (mcdr exp)))))
(mcar (mcdr (mcdr (mcdr exp))))
(define (make-if predicate consequent alternative)
(mlist 'if predicate consequent alternative))
; Begin
(define (begin? exp)
(tagged-list? exp 'begin))
(define (begin-actions exp) (mcdr exp))
(define (last-exp? seq) (null? (mcdr seq)))
(define (first-exp seq) (mcar seq))
(define (rest-exps seq) (mcdr seq))
(define (sequence->exp seq)
(cond [(null? seq) seq]
[(last-exp? seq) (first-exp seq)]
[else (make-begin seq)]))
(define (make-begin seq) (cons 'begin seq))
; Procedure application
(define (application? exp) (mpair? exp))
(define (operator exp) (mcar exp))
(define (operands exp) (mcdr exp))
(define (no-operands? ops) (null? ops))
(define (first-operand ops) (mcar ops))
(define (rest-operands ops) (mcdr ops))
; Derived expression
(define (cond? exp)
(tagged-list? exp 'cond))
(define (cond-clauses exp) (mcdr exp))
(define (cond-else-clause? clause)
(eq? (cond-predicate clause) 'else))
(define (cond-predicate clause)
(mcar clause))
(define (cond-actions clause)
(mcdr clause))
(define (cond->if exp)
(expand-clauses (cond-clauses exp)))
(define (expand-clauses clauses)
(if (null? clauses)
'false ;no else clause
(let ([first (mcar clauses)]
[rest (mcdr clauses)])
(if (cond-else-clause? first)
(if (null? rest)
(sequence->exp (cond-actions first))
(error "ELSE clause isn't last: COND->IF" clauses))
(make-if (cond-predicate first)
(sequence->exp (cond-actions first))
(expand-clauses rest))))))
; Predicates
(define (true? x)
(not (eq? x false)))
; Procedures are composed of the parameters, the body, and the environment where they were defined.
(define (make-procedure parameters body env)
(mlist 'procedure parameters body env))
(define (compound-procedure? p)
(tagged-list? p 'procedure))
(define (procedure-parameters p) (mcar (mcdr p)))
(define (procedure-body p) (mcar (mcdr (mcdr p))))
(define (procedure-environment p) (mcar (mcdr (mcdr (mcdr p)))))
; **
; Environment
; **
; Enclosing environment is the environment minus the current frame.
(define (enclosing-environment env) (mcdr env))
(define (first-frame env) (mcar env))
(define the-empty-environment 'the-empty-environment)
; Frames in the environment are composed of a tuple of list of variables and list of values.
(define (make-frame variables values)
(mcons variables values))
(define (frame-variables frame) (mcar frame))
(define (frame-values frame) (mcdr frame))
; Adding a new binding to the frame is done by
; adding a new variable in the frame-variables
; and a new value in the frame-values.
(define (add-binding-to-frame! var val frame)
(set-mcar! frame (mcons var (frame-variables frame)))
(set-mcdr! frame (mcons val (frame-values frame))))
; Extending environment is create a new frame with initial vars/vals on top of a base environment.
(define (extend-environment vars vals base-env)
(if (= (mlength vars) (mlength vals))
(mcons (make-frame vars vals) base-env)
(if (< (mlength vars) (mlength vals))
(error "Too many arguments supplied"
(error "Too few arguments supplied"
; Lookup is executed by looking for a variable by recursively looking at each frame of the environment.
(define (lookup-variable-value var env)
(define (env-loop env)
(define (scan vars vals)
(cond [(null? vars) (env-loop (enclosing-environment env))]
[(eq? var (mcar vars))(mcar vals)]
[else (scan (mcdr vars) (mcdr vals))]))
(if (eq? env the-empty-environment)
(error "Unbound variable" var)
(let ([frame (first-frame env)])
(scan (frame-variables frame)
(frame-values frame)))))
(env-loop env))
; Setting a variable is done by recursively looking at each frame of the environment
; and setting the variable if found.
(define (set-variable-value! var val env)
(define (env-loop env)
(define (scan vars vals)
(cond [(null? vars) (env-loop (enclosing-environment env))]
[(eq? var (mcar vars)) (set-mcar! vals val)]
[else (scan (mcdr vars) (mcdr vals))]))
(if (eq? env the-empty-environment)
(error "Unbound variable: SET!" var)
(let ([frame (first-frame env)])
(scan (frame-variables frame)
(frame-values frame)))))
(env-loop env))
; Define will only search within the first frame of
; the environment (current frame where the application is executed)
; for an existing variable or creating a new one if it does not exists.
(define (define-variable! var val env)
(let ([frame (first-frame env)])
(define (scan vars vals)
(cond [(null? vars) (add-binding-to-frame! var val frame)]
[(eq? var (mcar vars)) (set-mcar! vals val)]
[else (scan (mcdr vars) (mcdr vals))]))
(scan (frame-variables frame)
(frame-values frame))))
; **
; Run
; **
(define (setup-environment)
(let ([initial-env (extend-environment
(define-variable! 'true true initial-env)
(define-variable! 'false false initial-env)
(define (primitive-procedure? proc)
(tagged-list? proc 'primitive))
(define (primitive-implementation proc)
(mcdr proc))
(define primitive-procedures
(mcons 'car car)
(mcons 'cdr cdr)
(mcons 'cons cons)
(mcons 'null? null?)
(mcons '+ +)
(mcons '- -)
(mcons '/ /)
(mcons '* *)
(mcons '= =)))
(define (primitive-procedure-names)
(mmap mcar primitive-procedures))
(define (primitive-procedure-objects)
(lambda (proc)
(mcons 'primitive (mcdr proc)))
(define (apply-primitive-procedure proc args)
(apply (primitive-implementation proc) (if (mpair? args) (mlist->list args) args)))
(define the-global-environment (setup-environment))
(define input-prompt ";;; M-Eval input:")
(define output-prompt ";;; M-Eval value:")
(define (list->mlist/deep input)
(lambda (value)
(if (pair? value)
(list->mlist/deep value)
(list->mlist input)))
(define (driver-loop)
(prompt-for-input input-prompt)
(let ([input (read)])
(let ([output
(if (pair? input) (list->mlist/deep input) input)
(announce-output output-prompt)
(user-print output)))
(define (prompt-for-input string)
(display string)
(define (announce-output string)
(display string)
(define (user-print object)
(if (compound-procedure? object)
(list 'compound-procedure
(procedure-parameters object)
(procedure-body object)
(display object)))
;; Run the evaluator:
;;; M-Eval input:
; (define (try a b) (if (= a 0) 1 b))
;;; M-Eval value:
; ok
;;; M-Eval input:
; (try 0 (/ 1 0))
;;; M-Eval value:
; (a b c d e f)
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