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Author : Defraine Anthony (Kinaesthesia)

Project to learn more specific technical cryptography skill.

The algorithm is Blowfish.

This is the step to follow :

1. Implementation of blowfish.
2. Test a simple word encryption and decryption.
3. Test a file encryption (32 bytes block encryption with a padding to 64).

The main application is a database of my passwords. It will encrypt and decrypt a file that contains my passwords.

The command syntax :

* ./Ksecret $key $mode $file

Required :

* [$key] The secret key used to decrypt and encrypt the file
* [$file] The path of the file. If no mode is specified, the application will load into memory the decrypted file with the key. If a mode is specified, the application will encrypt/decrypt the file to let the user manage the file. 

Optional :

* [$mode] The mode if used to encrypt (--e) or decrypt (--d) the specified file.

Examples :

* ./Ksecret -D -k "MySecretKey" -f ./MyPasswordFile  // Decrypt the specified file
* ./Ksecret -E -k "MySecretKey" -f ./MyPasswordFile  // Encrypt the speficied file