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This bundle is only compatible with kinetic core version 1.0.5 and after.


This bundle is used internally by Kinetic Request CE and is a good starting point to build out your own bundles.

It includes the default:

  • Listing of Kapps (kapp.jsp)
  • Form display (form.jsp)
  • Login page (login.jsp)
  • Reset Password (resetPassword.jsp)


Wherever possible we use defaults to make sure the pages will render correctly regardless of any attributes, categories or other configurations you perform on your forms.

The one exception to this is "My Requests" and "My Approvals". In order to grab only the appropriate submissions we are looking for form types of "Service" for My Requests and "Approval" for My Approvals. While the form won't break if you don't include this, it also won't show your requests or your approvals.


This bundle easily allows for minor personalization by including optional attributes in your KAPP, Form and/or Categories.

Setup Initialization

This base bundle has Required Attributes that utilizes Kinetic Task. To edit or add Required Attributes, you define and initialize attribute's in the intilialization.jspf. You can view this Kapp configuration by viewing the passing the parameter in the url, i.e. (http://localhost:8080/kinetic/kappName?partial=setup).

KAPP Attributes

  • Logo Url : By including this attribute we will use this logo instead of the home icon on the top-left of the page
  • Logo Height Px : By including this attribute we will set the height of the logo in the header. Default is 40px with 5px of padding.
  • Sidebar Html : We show the Kinetic Data Twitter feed by default, but you can add any HTML/widget by including the HTML/JS in this attribute.
Optional KAPP Attributes
  • Task Server Url : URL of your Kinetic Task engine.
  • Task Source Name : Source name from Kinetic Task engine.

Form Attributes

  • Form Icon Class : We include font-awesome icons by default and just apply a random icon to your forms on the catalog page. However, you can specify a class for your form by including this attribute and a value. (Example fa-bank)

Category Attributes

  • Hidden : Including this attribute on a category means the category and forms in that category will not be shown on the portal page.


When you customize this bundle it is a good idea to fork it on your own git server to track your customizations and merge in any code changes we make to the default.

We also suggest you update this README with your own change summary for future bundle developers.


This default bundle uses our standard directory structure. Bundles are completely self contained so should include all libraries and markup needed.

/bundle: Initialization scripts and helpers
/css: Cascading style sheets. If you use Sass, check our the scss directory here.
/images: Duh.
/js: All javascript goes here.
/layouts: One or more layouts wraps your views and generally includes your HTML head elements and any content that should show up on all pages.
/libraries: Include CSS, JS or other libraries here including things like JQuery or bootstrap.
/pages:  Individual page content views. In our example we have a profile.jsp and search.jsp.
/partials: These are view snippets that get used in the top-layer JSP views. Feel free to include sub-directories here if your set of partials gets unwieldy.
/confirmation.jsp: The default confirmation page on form submits.
/form.jsp: The default form JSP wrapper.
/kapp.jsp: This is the catalog console page or self service portal page.  This typically lists the forms by category, my requests, my approvals and more.
/login.jsp: The default login page. Can be overridden in your Space Admin Console.
/resetPassword.jsp: The default reset password page. This will trigger the system to send an email to the user to reset their password. Note that the SMTP server needs to be configured to work.
/space.jsp: A page that displays a list of KAPPs (often request catalogs) that you have access to within your space.