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[TUTORIAL] [deploying-elasticsearch-with-chef-solo] Fixed incorrect c…

…ommand for `monit status`
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commit b8749ccafe7e11f20f3c0fcc173d23fe09848fd9 1 parent c193a4e
@karmi karmi authored
2  tutorials/_posts/2012-03-21-deploying-elasticsearch-with-chef-solo.markdown
@@ -467,7 +467,7 @@ If we check the status in _Monit_ after a while, when the next _Monit_ tick fire
it should also report the process not running and complain about all sorts of other problems:
<pre class="prettyprint lang-bash">
-ssh -t $SSH_OPTIONS $HOST "sudo service elasticsearch status"
+ssh -t $SSH_OPTIONS $HOST "sudo monit status"
If you configured the e-mail adress for _Monit_ properly, you'll also receive a e-mail notification
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