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Lotus theme for Cryogen

An elegant and responsive theme bundled with the Cryogen static site generator. To see a demo, visit my site,



Requires cryogen-core >= 0.1.54.


As of version 0.3.0, Lotus is bundled with Cryogen. All that you need to do is change the :theme key in config.edn to lotus.

For Older Cryogen Versions

Either download or git clone the repository, and copy the lotus directory to the resources/templates/themes/ directory.

Next, edit your config.edn file. You will have to make 3 changes from the default behavior.

  1. Change the :theme key to "lotus".
  2. Add "themes/lotus/css" to the :sass-src key. (Remember, all the Sass dirs should be in [], like ["themes/lotus/css"].)
  3. Add "themes/lotus/img" to the :resources key. (E.g., ["themes/lotus/img" "img"].)


The sidebar is designed for a narrow width. You may want to insert <br> tags in your blog's name in base.html to make it look nicer.

Copyright © 2017 by Matthew Davidson