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Slidify is a Greasemonkey script to turn any image thread into a full-browser slideshow. It currently works with Tumblr and 4chan, though the goal is to make it work with more image-focused sites, either through parameterizing the correct images via a jQuery selector or Javascript function, or via a more complicated algorithm to determine relevant content images (as opposed to say, ads).

It has options for random ordering, slide speed, and shrinking images to fit the screen. To get a fullscreen view, use your browser options, e.g., for Chrome and Firefox on a Mac, it's Shift+Cmd+F. Under Windows, it should be F11.


Go to and click on the green "Install" button.


Tested in Chrome and Firefox, though only on a Mac. I've also tested it with the 4chan Chrome extension, and it plays nice with it.

Known bugs

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