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Full code, files and worksheets for the Equal Terms mod.
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Nightly OpenXcom - Equal Terms Mod - Install Guide.docx
Release 1.0 OpenXcom - Equal Terms Mod - Install Guide.docx


--= Equal Terms Modification for Open-X-Com =--
By KingMob4313 and Ickschuss. Created for X-Com: Ufo Defense May 2000.
Last updated Oct 2014.

Version 2.000

Installation: unzip the package to your OpenXcom directory and answer yes to the overwrites (if needed).

There are now five main rulesets included in each package: 
1) Three (3) for the main mods, containing modded info for all three tiers 
2) A ruleset that adjusts the accuracy of aliens to make up for the changed accuracies of plasma weapons
3) A miscellaneous ruleset with a small number of non-essential changes to related to the mod 
4) A number of optional rulesets
  A) A ruleset that completely removes the psi amp
    I) There will be enhanced armor that provides psi strength at a cost to view and accuracy
  B) A ruleset that makes blaster bombs only usable by aliens and human HWPs
    I) There will be elerium warhead rockets for the rocket launcher as a replacement
The mod has three portions:

-= Wolfram Lance =-
Named after the German name for tungsten, since the gunpowder weapons all use tungsten-carbide as penetrators.  Gunpowder weapons lack damage potential compared to later weapon technologies, but still have the highest cyclic rates in the game; firing more rounds per time-unit than other weapon classes.

-= Coherency =- 
Laser weapons, while more potent and much more accurate in autofire modes than gunpowder weapons, are inferior in aimed accuracy to other weapon classes and lack the lethality of plasma weapons.

-= Fourth State =- 
Plasma is the fourth state of matter, and the Plasma weapons inflict incomparable damage, while lacking some of the accuracy or rate of fire compared to the other weapon types

Overall, weapons have a certain amount of utility throughout the game, while still making upgrading technology levels worthwhile.  Because of this, researching the weapon technology trees now takes longer, to afford more utility to the earlier tiers.

The tier-list
0: Gunpower
0.5: Alloy
1: Laser
2: Plasma
3: In next DLC

Wolfram Lance: 
 - New purchasable conventional armor
   - Class III SWAT style armor
   - Class IV tactical armor
 - New weapons classes and system
   - Reworked small arms replacing existing firearms: Machine Pistol, Magnum Revolver, Submachine Gun, Squad Automatic Weapon / Saw, Designated Marksman's Rifle, Sniper Rifle
   - New explosives: Small Rocket, APFSDS Rocket, Incendiary Grenade, Frag Satchel, Multiple Grenade Launcher, Single-Shot Rocket Launcher (SSRL)
 - Reworked Interceptors and Weapons
   - New Wasp light Air-to-Air missile
   - Stingray and Avalanche adjusted for balance
   - Starting interceptor toughness weakened 40%
 - Expansion of alloy technology
   - Basic Alien Alloys research can be re-purposed into improved conventional armor
   - Alien Alloy research leads to Alloy Manufacturing
     - With this technology, construction of improved explosives, small arms ammunition and personal armor is possible
	 - The technology allows for research into Directed Energy Weapons (Lasers)
   - Alloy Manufacturing leads to Alloy Aerospace
	 - Permits construction of enhanced Air-to-Air Weapons
 - New HWP tanks
   - Four new tanks replacing existing tanks
     - General Machine Gun with 40mm Grenade launcher
	 - Heavy Rocket Launcher with Submachine Gun
	 - Light Rocket Launcher with Light Machine Gun
	 - Fully Automatic 40mm Grenade Launcher with Submachine Gun
   - Tanks much tougher, but are reduced in effectiveness with damage
 - Armor now protects in a different fashion
   - armor affords a similar protective value as before.
     - All hits now have higher chance of inflicting some damage, even with low damage weapon hits 
     - Higher damage weapon hits do somewhat less damage
 - Small & Large Radar adjusted for balance
 - Expanded Armor Types all requiring Alloy Manufacturing
   - Added Heavy Personal Armor
 - Alloy Manufacturing leads to Alloy Aerospace
     - Allows for construction of an enhanced conventional interceptor
 - Reworked and Expanded Air-to-Air Weapons
   - Laser Cannon is now a long range, somewhat inaccurate and slow firing weapon
   - Pulse Laser is a short range, high-rate-of-fire weapon
 - New weapons classes and system
   - New weapons replace existing weapons with the following: Pistol, Magnum, SMG, Assault Rifle, Marksmans Rifle, Sniper Rifle, LMG all using the laser technology.
 - Two new tanks replacing existing laser tank
   - Laser Cannon with Enhanced 40mm Grenade Launcher
   - Laser GMG with Enhanced 40mm Grenade Launcher

Fourth State:
 - Expanded Power Suit and Flying armor types
   - Added Scout Power Armor and Scout Flying Power Armor
 - Complete rework of the existing Plasma weapons.
   - Human Plasma weapons now include the following: Magnum, SMG, Marksmans Rifle, Sniper Rifle, LMG.
   - Plasma Weapon research now has further requirements past the weapons themselves.
   - Certain plasma weapons cannot be manufactured by the X-Com team.
   - All alien plasma weapons cannot be used by X-com forces, they must be converted first.
 - Reworked and Expanded Air-to-Air Weapons
   - Rebalanced the Plasma Cannon
   - Added Pulse Plasma: a short range, high-rate-of-fire weapon
   - Fusion Ball Launcher is rebalanced
 - Hyperwave Decoder is now harder to research
 - Two new tanks replacing existing plasma and blaster launcher tank
   - Plasma Cannon with 40mm Grenade Launcher with Alien Grenade warhead
   - Plasma GMG with 40mm Grenade Launcher with Alien Grenade warhead
   - Blaster Bomb / Fusion Rocket with Plasma SMG
Future plans:
Retaliation: A future 'DLC' for this mod. The X-Com project is not alone in it's research of the enemy.  The alien forces are adapting to Earth tactics & capabilities and have their own upgrades to field against the X-Com project.
Testing and feedback: Arthanor, Civilian, cjones, Dioxine, Falko, HelmetHair, ivandogovich, NoelBuddy, pkrcel, RSSwizard, SIMON and Solarius Scorch, yrizoud
French Translation: Infini

Machine Pistol, Magnum, SMG, Assault Rifle, Small Rocket, Incendiary Grenade, APFSDS Rocket, High Explosive, Frag Satchel, Frag Grenade, MGL launcher
Yaml Code, Sprites and Sounds: KingMob4313 

Sprites: KingMob4313 & Dioxine
Yaml Code: KingMob4313

Sprites: Ryskeliini & Warboy1982
Yaml Code: Ryskeliini, Warboy1982, KingMob4313 & Dioxine

Sniper Rifle
Sprites: Toshiaki2115, Warboy1982 & KingMob4313
Yaml Code: Warboy1982 & KingMob4313
Sounds: KingMob4313

Designated Marksman's Rifle (Marksmans Rifle)
Sprites: Chiko & KingMob4313
Yaml Code & Sounds: KingMob4313

Sprites: Ryskeliini & KingMob4313
Yaml Code & Sounds: KingMob4313

Conventional Armor:
Sprites: Warboy1982 & Fox105iwsp & KingMob4313
Yaml Code: KingMob4313 & Fox105iwsp

Aircraft Missiles
Sprites: XOps & KingMob4313
YAML: KingMob4313
Sounds: XOps & KingMob4313

Conventional HWP
Sprites: KingMob4313
YAML: KingMob4313 & Dioxine
Sounds: KingMob4313

Laser Weapons 
Sprites: Rockfish & KingMob4313
YAML: KingMob4313
Sounds: 343 Industries & KingMob4313

Alloy Armor
Sprites: harald_gray, Robin & Kingmob4313
YAML: harald_gray & KingMob4313

Alloy Interceptor
Sprites: Shadow
YAML: KingMob4313 & Shadow

All Plasma:
Sprites: Shadow, Solarius Scorch, Dioxine, KingMob4313
Yaml: KingMob4313
Sounds: 343 Industries & KingMob4313

Power Armors:
Sprites: harald_gray
Yaml: KingMob4313

Yaml reorganization: yrizoud (version 0.86)
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