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Bug Fixes

  • The custom scrollbars are now always hidden if the showNativeOverlaidScrollbars option is true.


  • The initialization to the body element respects now overflow: hidden style overrides of the html and body element. (#477)
  • data-overlayscrollbars-initialize is now automatically removed if the instance is destroyed or canceled.
  • data-overlayscrollbars-initialize now always sets overflow: auto to prevent elements to be suddenly cropped after initialization.
  • removed obsolete !important styles


OverlayScrollbars was rewritten from the ground up in TypeScript in a functional manner. The rewrite comes with multiple benefits:

  • The library is much smaller now (about 50% smaller fully treeshaken)
  • Modern browsers benefit greatly because compat code is inside plugins which are treeshaken if unused
  • Multiple performance optimizations were made due to the new structure
  • Framework Components benefit of the pure parameter for options and events (same input produces same output)
  • TypeScript definitions are always up to date (@types/overlayscrollbars is obsolete now)

New Features:

  • If applied to body all the native functionality in modern browsers (e.g. swipe down to refresh on mobile, scroll restoration etc.) is preserved (#376, #425, #273, #320)
  • If you scroll while the cursor hovers a scrollbar element the viewport is now scrolled (#128, #322)
  • The initialization process can be fully customized now. This makes it possible to itegrate with other plugins / libraries (#432, #304, #149, #148, #139, #49)
  • Scrollbars can be cloned and positioned anywhere in the DOM tree. (#404, #323, #158, #17)
  • The update behavior of the MutationObserver for the content can be customized with the update options. (#307, #183, #23)
  • Works now without adjustments with CSS-Grid, CSS-Flexbox etc.
  • Supports all kind of input devices additionally to mouse and touch. (Uses native pointer-events now)
  • Exports a esm version which can be treeshaken

Breaking changes:

  • Browser support changed. The minimal version is now IE11.

  • There is no default export anymore. The main entry point is now the OverlayScrollbars named export.

  • The styles are now exported under a different path. Read the docs for more info.

  • The scroll function is missing. (WIP will be added as a plugin)

  • Initialization to textarea element is not suppored. (WIP will be added as a plugin)

  • extensions are replaced with plugins. Plugins are more powerful but work nothing like extensions.

  • Any helper functions for extensions are removed.

  • TypesScript definitions changed completely.

  • CSS styles changed completely.

  • There is no jQuery version anymore and no jQuery compat functionality

  • The following changed for the initialization:

    • Arrays of elements are not supported anymore. If you want to initialize the plugin to multiple elements, you have to loop over them.
    • Since the initialization is now fully customizable, the plugin won't have special behavior anymore if it has children with os- classnames
    • The third parameter are events now instead of eventsions since extensions are removed
  • The following options were removed / replaced / renamed:

    • resize is removed
    • sizeAutoCapable is removed (works always now)
    • clipAlways is removed (works automatically now)
    • normalizeRTL is removed since the scroll function isn't implemented yet there is nothing to normalize
    • autoUpdate is removed since all browser support the MutationObserver api there is no need for customizing a update loop
    • autoUpdateInterval is removed
    • className is replaced with scrollbars.theme
    • updateOnLoad is replaced with update.elementEvents
    • nativeScrollbarsOverlaid.initialize is replaced with the Initialization concept. You can pass a object as target now where you can specify when to cancel the initialization of the plugin.
    • nativeScrollbarsOverlaid.showNativeScrollbars: is renamed to showNativeOverlaidScrollbars
    • scrollbars.dragScrolling is renamed to scrollbars.dragScroll
    • scrollbars.clickScrolling is renamed to scrollbars.clickScroll and animates the scroll change only with the ClickScrollPlugin otherwise its instant
    • scrollbars.touchSupport is replaced with scrollbars.pointers
    • scrollbars.snapHandle is removed
    • textarea is removed since textarea initialization isn't possible yet
    • callbacks is removed / replaced with the events concept. You can pass listeners / callback separately to the options. The this context is now undefined as a replacement each event recieves the instance as its first argument.
      • onScrollStart is removed
      • onScrollStop is removed
      • onInitialized is replaced with the initialized event
      • onUpdated is replaced with the updated the
      • onDestroyed is replaced with the destroyed event
      • onScroll is replaced with the scroll event
      • onInitializationWithdrawn is replaced with the destroyed event (if the second argument canceled is true)
      • onOverflowChanged is replaced with the updated event (its second argument holds the information whether the overflow changed)
      • onOverflowAmountChanged is replaced with theupdated event (its second argument holds the information whether the overflow amount changed and how much)
      • onDirectionChanged is replaced with the updated event (its second argument holds the information whether the direction changed)
      • onContentSizeChanged is replaced with the updated event (its second argument holds the information whether the content got mutated)
      • onHostSizeChanged is replaced with the updated event (its second argument holds the information whether the host got mutated / its size changed)
  • The following instance methods were removed / replaced / renamed:

    • sleep() is removed since it doesn't fit into the new structure and shouldn't be needed anymore
    • ext() is removed
    • addExt() is removed
    • removeExt() is removed
    • scroll() is removed (WIP)
    • scrollStop() is removed (WIP)
    • getElements() is renamed to elements() and doesn't support any argumens anymore.
    • getState() is renamed to state() and doesn't support any argumens anymore.
  • The following static methods were removed / replaced / renamed:

    • extension() is removed
    • defaultOptions() is replaced with env().getDefaultOptions() and env().setDefaultOptions()
    • globals() is replaced with env()
  • If you used any fields from the globals() result, please refer to the TypeScript definitions for the correct replacement in env()

Theming changes:

  • Because scrollbars can be cloned and positioned anywhere in the DOM, themes which worked in v1 have to be adapted slightly:
    • .os-scrollbar elements now don't rely on its parent element. Selectors like .os-theme-dark > .os-scrollbar-vertical are now .os-theme-dark.os-scrollbar-vertical
    • the .os-host-rtl class is replaced with .os-scrollbar-rtl. Selectors like .os-theme-dark.os-host-rtl > .os-scrollbar-horizontal are now .os-theme-dark.os-scrollbar-rtl.os-scrollbar-horizontal