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MongoDB / PHP based Killboard
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Copyright 2010 - 2013, Peter Petermann, the Kingboard team and EVSCO. All rights reserved.


this is a work in progress, it lacks documentation and is currently not meant for productive use, consider it extremly unstable, and probably compatibility breaking


see File


  • PHP 5.3+
  • APACHE + mod_rewrite (might work on other servers with own rewrite rulesets, untested) (Mistral can be used instead, but thats highly experimental!) OR lighttpd + rewrite rule OR with PHP 5.4+ the buildin webserver
  • LINUX / MAC OS X (might run on windows, untested)
  • MongoDB: 1.8.1 or higher, 2.0+ recommended
  • King23: current github clone
  • Pheal: current github clone
  • Composer:



A few assumptions are made before you start: 1. you are on linux, and you have commandline access. 2. you know how to handle yourself on linux 3. the prequesites (see README) are installed. 4. you have a vhost setup for the kingboard installation - this wont work in a subdirectory.

Quick Install

  1. run php /path/to/composer.phar create-project kingboard/kingboard path/name to install kingboard with its dependencies
  2. extract vendor/kingboard/ccpdump/ to a temporary directory and run mongorestore
  3. Create folders cache/api and cache/templates_c below your kingboard path, make sure they are writable by your webserver
  4. Make your webservers docroot point to public/ path
  5. Setup rewrite (for apache the .htaccess should do that, for lighttpd add the rule: url.rewrite-if-not-file = (".\?(.)$" => "/index.php?$1", "" => "/index.php")
  6. copy conf/config.php-dist to conf/config.php and edit.
  7. run vendor/bin/king23 KingboardMaintenance:setup_indexes

you should now be able to call your kingboard.


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