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Add test cases for min() and max().

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Prof9 committed May 3, 2019
1 parent 18ece6a commit 26a011b88b1b63f4b0aff998b9c581ca300b639e
@@ -86,4 +86,17 @@ test1 defined,label1

test3 readascii,fileA,4,4

test1 max,1
test2 max,1,2
test3 max,1,2,3
test3 max,1,2.5,4
test1 min,1
test2 min,1,2
test3 min,1,2,3
test3 min,1,2.5,4
test2 max,-3,3
test2 min,-3,3
test2 max,-3.0,3.0
test2 min,-3.0,3.0

@@ -34,3 +34,15 @@ ExpressionFunctions.asm(81) notice: regex_extract("test123test","[0-9]+"): 123
ExpressionFunctions.asm(84) notice: defined(label): 1
ExpressionFunctions.asm(85) notice: defined(label1): 0
ExpressionFunctions.asm(87) notice: readascii("file.bin",4,4): test
ExpressionFunctions.asm(89) notice: max(1): 1
ExpressionFunctions.asm(90) notice: max(1,2): 2
ExpressionFunctions.asm(91) notice: max(1,2,3): 3
ExpressionFunctions.asm(92) notice: max(1,2.5,4): 4.0000000000000000
ExpressionFunctions.asm(93) notice: min(1): 1
ExpressionFunctions.asm(94) notice: min(1,2): 1
ExpressionFunctions.asm(95) notice: min(1,2,3): 1
ExpressionFunctions.asm(96) notice: min(1,2.5,4): 1.0000000000000000
ExpressionFunctions.asm(97) notice: max((-3),3): 3
ExpressionFunctions.asm(98) notice: min((-3),3): -3
ExpressionFunctions.asm(99) notice: max((-3),3): 3.0000000000000000
ExpressionFunctions.asm(100) notice: min((-3),3): -3.0000000000000000

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