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datakick is a java library for the Datakick open product database API.

Check out the full documentation or skip to the quick tutorial below.



Download .jar file from GitHub here	


add the file into the External Libraries of your project

Sample Code:

Once downloaded and added to External Libraries Where you are calling or testing the API add the code

DatakickApi datakick = new DatakickApi();

Search for a specific product by barcode:

String gtin14 = "037000062219";
DatakickProduct product = datakick.lookupDatakickItem(gtin14);
System.out.println(product.getBrand_name + " " + product.getName()); }
>>>'Pro-Health Clean Mint Toothpaste'

Query for products using a search term:

DatakickProduct[] products = datakick.queryForListOfItems("Toothpaste")
for(int i = 0; i < products.length; i++) {
DatakickProduct product = products[i];
System.out.println(product.getBrand_name + " " + product.getName()); }
>>>'Sensodyne Fresh Impact Toothpaste'
>>>'Colgate Complete Protection Sensitive Toothpaste'
# etc.

Add/modify products in the Datakick database:

String gtin14 = "037600121149";	
DatakickProduct product = datakickApi.addDatakickItem(gtin14,
   "name=pepperoni", "brand_name=Hormel", "total_fat=10");

System.out.println(product.getBrand_name() + " " + product.getName()); }
>>>'Hormel pepperoni'

You are able to add as many optional parameters after the gtin14 as you want See the datakick documentation for optional parameters or list below:

List the products (first items available):

DatakickProduct[] products = datakick.getListOfItems(); # each page returns 100 products

for(int i = 0; i < products.length; i++) {
DatakickProduct product = products[i];
System.out.println(product.getGtin14() + " " + product.getName()); }
>>>'09780545349215 Wings of Fire - The Dark Secret'
>>>'09780945564317 The Beginners Bible'
>>>'00078073004997 Andy Griffiths'
# etc.

List the products (from a page number): Will be coming soon

Add an image to a product in the Datakick database: Will be coming soon

Optional Arguments for Adding/Modifying a product:

Optional Arguments Type Units Example
name String n/a "name=Toothpaste"
brand_name String n/a "brand_name=Colgate"
size String n/a "size=20oz"
ingredients String n/a "ingredients=Milk, Chocolate, Sugar"
serving_size String n/a "serving_size=2 tbsp."
servings_per_container String n/a "servings_per_container=2 cookies"
calories String n/a "calories=200"
fat_calories String n/a "fat_calories=100"
fat String grams "fat=10"
saturated_fat String grams "saturated_fat=10"
trans_fat String grams "trans_fat=0"
polyunsaturated_fat String grams "polyunsaturated_fat=5"
monounsaturated_fat String grams "monounsaturated_fat=5"
cholesterol String milligrams "cholesterol=20"
sodium String milligrams "sodium=40"
potassium String milligrams "potassium=60"
carbohydrate String grams "carbohydrates=20"
fiber String grams "fiber=10"
sugars String grams "sugars=6"
protein String grams "protein=4"
author String n/a "author=First M. Last"
publisher String n/a "publisher=MyPublisher"
pages String n/a "pages=400"
alcohol_by_volume String percent "alcohol_by_volume=20"


  • requests.exceptions.HTTPError - Will be thrown if the gtin14 provided is invalid or not found in the product database.

Datakick: full documentation: Will be coming soon

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