🏬 Online or local manage system for supermarkets
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Supermarket Management

This is an online or local manage system for supermarkets, you can experience the system here

To compile the C++ code into a CGI file which is used in this system, you need to make sure your compiler supports C++11 Standard:

$ g++ -std=c++11 -o api.cgi api.cpp

Moreover, sufficient access permission is needed for reading and writing data to file: chmod 666 data.json

You'll need a program which can execute CGI if you need to deploy it on your server or experience locally, if Apache is chosen by you, add following options in the corresponding location (<Directory "/var/www/html"> part for example) of httpd.conf configuration file:

  • Options +ExecCGI
  • AddHandler cgi-script .cgi

Preview pictures can be found in ./assets/pictures/preview

Special thanks to Materialize and JSON for C++.

Solution for https-only sites

Since the host of inventory API does not provide a https request method, if you deploy this system on a https-only website, the browser will prevent you from sending the request. To Solve the problem, getDataFromAPI function in ./assets/js/inventory.js was rewrote to use PHP to send the request instead of using Javascript directly, and at the same time it prevents your APPCODE from being leaked to visitors. Anyway, the former version is still in the file being commented, you can choose whatever version you like easily.