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Search module for Ionize. Searches in article's content and displays results as a list of articles.
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Ionize Search module

Version : 1.1

Ionize version : 1.0.2

Released on june 2013


Search gives multilang search capabilities to Ionize.

This version of Search works only with Ionize from version 1.0.2


Michel-Ange Kuntz


  • Copy the folder "Search" into the "/modules" folder of your Ionize installation.
  • In the ionize backend, go to : Modules > Administration
  • Click on "install"
  • Create a view containing the tag <ion:search:display />
  • Create a page called 'search', it's mandatory
  • Translate title and url of this page to any language
  • Add previous view to this page.

That's all.

To display a search form in other views, simply use the tag <ion:search:form />

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