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A collection of "Toon" shaders for Unity based on a stepped PBR approximation.
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Toon Shading

alt text

A collection of "Toon" shaders based on a stepped PBR approximation.

Toon Standard Shader:

  • Custom "Toon" cel style BRDF
  • Specular / Smoothness
  • Energy conservation approximation
  • Wrap based transmission approximation
  • Custom ShaderGUI

Toon Water Shader:

  • Uses same BRDF as above
  • Voronoi based procedural waves
  • Depth buffer to world position intersection for wave crests
  • Approximated transmission and refraction
  • Planar reflection
  • Buoyancy calculation


  • Toon Standard shader
  • Toon Water shader
  • Buoyancy controller
  • Demo scene
  • Source assets
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