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a Matlab wrapper on the Kinova API
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a Matlab wrapper on the Kinova API

please see README text file in matlab_Kinovaapi_wrapper/JACO2Communicator/

my personal testing experience:

  • had to connect the jaco arm to the usb port I usually use (where the driver is installed)
  • had to recompile the mex file on my computer (I am not using Windows 10 with Matlab 2017, I am rather on Windows 7 64 bits with Matlab 2016a)
  • had to close matlab
  • had to open it again
  • had to add JACO2Communicator folder and subfolder to the path
  • had to run testJacoComm.m from the folder C:\Users\mblouin\Desktop\JACO2Communicator\JACO2SDK
  • it works!
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