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Facebook Auth support in Kinto

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Kinto-facebook enables authentication in Kinto applications using Facebook OAuth2 bearer tokens.

It provides:

  • An authentication policy class;
  • Integration with Kinto cache backend for token verifications;
  • Integration with Kinto for heartbeat view checks;
  • Some optional endpoints to perform the OAuth dance (optional).
  • Kinto documentation
  • Issue tracker


First of all, create a Facebook Auth app.

You need to grab the client_id, client_secret and app_client_token in the app general settings page:{client_id}/settings/basic/{client_id}/settings/advanced/

Install the Python package:

pip install kinto-facebook

Include the package in the project configuration:

kinto.includes = kinto_facebook

And configure authentication policy using pyramid_multiauth formalism:

multiauth.policies = facebook
multiauth.policy.facebook.use = kinto_facebook.authentication.FacebookAuthenticationPolicy

By default, it will rely on the cache configured in Kinto.


Fill those settings with the values obtained during the application registration:

facebook.client_id = 89513028159972bc
facebook.client_secret = 9aced230585cc0aaea0a3467dd800
facebook.app_access_token = 30ce836499a146428464b28816b1618b
facebook.webapp.authorized_domains = *
# facebook.cache_ttl_seconds = 300
# facebook.state.ttl_seconds = 3600

In case the application shall not behave as a relier (a.k.a. OAuth dance endpoints disabled):

facebook.relier.enabled = false

If necessary, override default values for authentication policy:

facebook.header_type = Bearer+Facebook

Login flow

OAuth Bearer token

Use the OAuth token with this header:

Authorization: Bearer <access_token>
notes:If the token is not valid, this will result in a 401 error response.

Obtain token using Web UI

  • Navigate the client to GET /facebook/login?redirect=http://app-endpoint/%23. There, a session cookie will be set, and the client will be redirected to a login form on the Facebook content server;
  • After submitting the credentials on the login page, the client will be redirected to http://app-endpoint/#{token} (the web-app).


Facebook Auth for Kinto




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