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Please register your Kinto Plugins on this page with an entry in the ToC and a sort description.

It will helps people to find the right one for their use case.

Table of Contents

Kinto Attachment

kinto-attachment let you add attachment capabilities to your collection.

You can link a file to a record that will be stored on a file backend (currently S3 or the Filesystem but others can be implemented too.)

The first question you may ask is why cannot I add multiple files per records, that's because Kinto is there to sync your data the simplest way possible, if we were to have multiple files per records, it would means that we need to sync the list of files as well. Rather than adding this level of complexity, we let you handle it directly at your data model level.

If you need multiple file for a record, just create a collection for your records and a collection per record (with the same id for instance) for the files linked to that record.

Kinto Changes

kinto-changes let you monitor multiple collections changes with one HTTP call.

Each time the collection changes, the kinto-changes collection will be updated. You will then be able to poll on the kinto-changes collection to monitor changes in any of your collection with one HTTP call.

You can then create a batch request to get changes for all collections that you monitored and changed.

Kinto Signer

kinto-signer sign your collection to makes sure nothing have been removed or altered between your upload and the client fetch. It is able to use the Autograph service within a HSM

This is useful only if you can have a Chain of trust for the signing certificate. If you don't you will not improve the security more than what SSL already gives you. Moreover you cannot validate the chain of trust in javascript either because an attacker could change the Javascript validation code. It is really likely that you will not be able to use this plugin in your security model if you are not using it at Mozilla.

Kinto Pusher

kinto-pusher let you send notification about collection changes to Pusher to deliver changes Push Notifications to people using your app.

Kinto Emailer

kinto-emailer let you send email notification on collection changes. You can define at email template at the bucket level and then activate the collection that will be able to send email in the config.

Kinto Trello

kinto-trello add a new authentication policy against Trello.

Kinto WebPush

kinto-webpush let you handle WebPush notifications on collection changes, users can register to notifications they want to get in the Push subscription endpoint.

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