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Module: Calendar [Monthly]

The calendar_monthly module is a simple month-view calendar created for the MagicMirror project by Michael Teeuw ( The modules refreshes its timer every hour however it will only update the calendar display once a day, at midnight.

Installing the module

Clone this repository in your ~/MagicMirror/modules/ folder ( $ cd ~MagicMirror/modules/ ):

git clone

Using the module

To use this module, add it to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

modules: [
				module: 'calendar_monthly',
				position: 'top_left',
				config: {
						// The config property is optional
						// Without a config, a default month view is shown
						// Please see the 'Configuration Options' section for more information

Configuration options

The calendar_monthly module has several optional properties that can be used to change its behaviour:

Option Description Default
More options may get added later.
fadeSpeed How fast (in seconds) to fade out and back in at the midnight refresh 2 seconds
showHeader This allows you to turn on or off the header on the calendar. The header consists of the month and year. true - Other option is false.
cssStyle Calendar_monthly allows you to use a custom CSS to style your calendar, or you can use one of the built-in ones. Please read the 'CSS Styling' section for more information. block - Other options are slate, and custom. Others may be added in the future. Please note that the slate style is designed for mirror-less displays.
updateDelay How long (in seconds) to wait before refreshing the calendar at midnight
This is primarily done in case there are other modules also triggering at exactly midnight. This allows the user to set a delay so the calendar won't refresh at the same time.
5 seconds

Custom CSS Styling

The calendar_monthly module creates a table that contains the various elements of the calendar. Most of the relevant elements are tagges with either a class or id making it possible for anyone to make changes to the default styling.

The full element tree is as follows:

<table id="calendar-table">
	  <th id="calendar-th">
	    <span id="monthName">[month name]</span>
		<span id="yearDigits">[4 digit year]</span>
    <tr id="calender-tf">
	  <td class="footer"> </td>
    <tr id="calendar-header">
	  <td class="calendar-header-day">[day name]</td>
	  /* Repeat above line 7 times for each day of the week, Sun/Mon/Tue/etc. */
	  /* ... */
	<tr class="weekRow">
	  <td class="calendar-day">
	    <div class="square-box">
		  <div class="square-content">
			  <span [class="... read Note #1 below ..."]>[date number]</span>
	  /* Repeat above block 7 days, once for each day */
	  /* ... */
	 /* Repeat above block as many times as there are weeks in the month */
	 /* ... */

Note #1: If the date being displayed is:

  • from the previous month, the class name will be monthPrev
  • from the next month, the class name will be monthNext
  • the current day, the class name will be today
  • any other day of the month, the class name will be daily

To create your own styling, navigate to the modules/calendar_monthly/ folder and open the file called styleCustom.css. Take a look at the various elements already defined and start playing with them.

Hint: It's useful to set your cssStyle to custom and see what that looks like before you start making changes. This will serve as a reference when you're looking at the CSS file.


A compact monthly calendar view for the MagicMirror project (







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