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A neat little 'focus view' for iOS
Objective-C Ruby
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This is a class designed to show a UIImage and blur & shrink the background. Similar to the Facebook app.


MXLMediaView uses UIKit Dynamics for the gravity effect so is only compatible with iOS 7 or newer.

alt text


The only externa dependency is on Apple's UIImage+ImageEffects, which is included in this repo.

The process of showing an image in your app is dead simple. First import the class:

#import "MXLMediaView.h"

And then:

-(void)pushShowImageButton:(id)sender {
    MXLMediaView *mediaView = [[MXLMediaView alloc] init];
    [mediaView setDelegate:self];

    [mediaView showImage:[UIImage imageNamed:@"daft_punk@2x.jpg"] inParentView:self.view completion:^{
      NSLog(@"Done showing MXLMediaView");

or to show a video...

-(void)pushShowVideoButton:(id)sender {
    MXLMediaView *mediaView = [[MXLMediaView alloc] init];
    [mediaView setDelegate:self];
    // The best video on the Internet.
    NSURL *videoURL = [NSURL URLWithString:@""];
    [mediaView showVideoWithURL:videoURL inParentView:self.navigationController.view completion:^{

Delegate methods:

-(void)mediaView:(MXLMediaView *)mediaView didReceiveLongPressGesture:(id)gesture {
    NSLog(@"MXLMediaViewDelgate: Long pressed received");

-(void)mediaViewWillDismiss:(MXLMediaView *)mediaView {
    NSLog(@"MXLMediaViewDelgate: Will dismiss");

-(void)mediaViewDidDismiss:(MXLMediaView *)mediaView {
    NSLog(@"MXLMediaViewDelgate: Did dismiss");


MXLMediaView is now installable via CocoaPods!

pod 'MXLMediaView', '~> 1.1'


MIT. See LICENCE file for more info.

If you do use this in your app, send me a tweet!


How much do you think this advanced open source project is worth? Wait just one minute before you answer!

Watch as MXLMediaView shows any image with just the call of a method! Now you can take any image you like and show it right in your app!

That's right, all these features for just... how much did you guess? $500? $1000? Even more?! No! It's just $0. That's right! It's incredible value but it's true! Order today PO Box MXL, GitHub, Chicago - Except in Nebraska...

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