A GUI Configurator for the VitaGrafix plugin
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VitaGrafix Configurator

A GUI Configurator for the VitaGrafix plugin

Download Here


This app requires the instalation of VitaGrafix by Electry

The configurator is compatible with VitaGrafix v3.2


After opening the app, if you don't have a config.txt file on ux0:/data/VitaGrafix or it wasn't updated to the latest version, the app will do that for you.

You'll be greeted by a VitaGrafix Settings screen, which contains the override settings for Enabled and OSD

Main Menu


  • Up and Down on the DPAD: Move the selection up or down

  • Cross:

    • If the selected button is the "Enable" or "OSD" then it will toggle them On or Off (If marked by an X then they are On, if empty then they are Off)
    • If the selected button is the "Internal Resolution" button, the app will open the Keyboard where you can type the intended Internal Resolution. This resolution can be anything with a width between 0 (exclusive) and 960 (inclusive), and a height between 0 (exclusive) and 544 (inclusive) and has to follow the format: WxH. The Internal Resolution mod can also be set to "OFF" by inputing that into the text field.
    • If the selected button is the Save Config button, it will save the entire config.
  • Left and Right on the DPAD:

    • If the selection is on the game list, it will scroll through the games
    • If the selection is either on Framebuffer or FPS, it will scroll through the available modes for those options
  • Triangle: If the selection is on any of the fields that have a (Default:) text in front of them, it will set those fields to the default value. The default value is the VitaGrafix plugin default and not the game default.

  • L and R: Moves trough the list of games (same as Left and Right but without the need of selecting the game list)

Game screen


After you are done setting the options to your liking, just press the Save Config button


Not every option available might be compatible with each game, please refer to the compatibility table on the VitaGrafix github page


If you want to build it from source yourself, you are free to do so, download https://github.com/Rinnegatamante/lpp-vita and follow the instructions on the readme file.

Known Issues / Possible new features

As of this version, you aren't able to save individual profiles for different supported regions, I didn't think it was needed, if it is, please request it

Graphical interface is ugly, I have zero graphics skills

Thanks to the following people