Wrapper scripts to integrate monit and PagerDuty.
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The scripts in this repository are wrappers for the PagerDuty API which will open and close PagerDuty incidents from the command line. These scripts are designed to help you integrate monit with PagerDuty.

Copyright (c) 2012 Cold Brew Labs, Inc. See LICENSE for details.

Usage: pagerduty-trigger <service-name>

Example: pagerduty-trigger nginx on the server "webserver1.example.com" will trigger a PagerDuty incident with the subject "nginx failed on webserver1".

Prerequisites: Requires pagerduty library for Python. You can download this from http://pypi.python.org/pypi/pagerduty/0.2.1, or run pip install pagerduty to download and install automatically.

To configure PagerDuty: To configure PagerDuty, login as an administrator and go to the Services tab; then click "Add New Service". You can give the service any name you'd like, and choose "Generic API system." PagerDuty will give you an API service key for this service. Be sure to set the PAGERDUTY_SERVICE_KEY variable in both scripts.

To configure Monit: To configure Monit to trigger an event with this script, save the script in a location like /etc/monit; make sure it's executable; and use an action like this in your monitrc file:

exec "/etc/monit/pagerduty-trigger <service-name>"

Example monit stanza to trigger an incident if nginx is not present:

check process nginx with pidfile /var/run/nginx.pid
    if does not exist for 3 cycles
        then exec "/etc/monit/pagerduty-trigger nginx"
    else if passed for 3 cycles
        then exec "/etc/monit/pagerduty-resolve nginx"