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Project/bug tracking system

Getting started

Installation: npm install strack

After install check config:

# if you use git, user and email already set
strack config
strack config user YourName
strack config email YourEmail

Work with strack

cd to any project directory and type: strack log

Add new task(s):

strack add @todo Learn how strack works
strack add @bug It can be useful for bug tracking

Watch log and grep for text in tracker:

# show log
strack log
# show todo's
strack log @todo        
# show bugs
strack log @bug
# show task, matching "track" word
strack log track

Update state of a task: # get first 2-4 id numbers from task strack state id @done

Remove task # get first 2-4 id numbers from task strack remove id

Getting help

strack help

strack help command