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+title: How To Have Better Coffee
+date: 10-6-2011
+tags: coffee, howto, list, art
+author: Dave Fayram
+description: Some simple steps to have better coffee in your life.
+Anyone who knows me knows I love coffee. They know because nearly every
+cup I drink, I make by hand using strange plungers or elaborate vacuum
+vessels. I don't just drink it for the caffeine, I genuinely like the
+taste of the coffee I prepare. When I explain to people how there are
+different types of coffee and why I like to prepare them, they usually
+don't understand why I'd do that much for "just coffee." Then they try
+some of the coffee I make; most people understand after that.
+I think a lot of people like coffee, but evidence suggests they don't
+really understand how to make good coffee. Many people have never
+even tasted a good cup of brewed coffee, so they have no basis for
+## 5 Steps To Better Coffee
+### 1. Grind your coffee freshly.
+### 2. Buy Fresh Coffee
+### 3. Don't Use A Drip Machine
+### 4. Try Aeropressing Your Coffee
+### 5. Try simple pour-over methods.

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