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Kirin is a set of tools to help writing beautiful mobile apps with Javascript.

We take the view that the problem of providing Javascript APIs that allow building with a native UI toolkit is difficult to solve – the API surface is so large that any wrapper around the native toolkit will always be playing catch up with the native API.

From this, we see that the problem of providing Javascript APIs that abstract over two or more UI toolkits is intractable.

Instead, Kirin steps away from this problem altogether, and encourages the development of UIs with native code and the business logic only to be written in Javascript.

To this end, Kirin provides tools in two areas:

  • providing a super-simple method calling mechanism between Javascript and native. This is variously referred to as "an FFI (Foreign Function Interface", "the bridge", "the lipid bilayer" or "the keyhole".
  • a number of APIs to access the device.
  • a Javascript environment, not unlike node.js.

  • a way of adding re-usable native components which either have no user-interface (e.g. database access) or take over the whole screen e.g. addressbook integration) is also provided.

Kirin on the interweb

A further introduction to what Kirin is and why, there is a short presentation on Slideshare.

Follow the twitter account for more info: @KirinJS

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