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A deadly simple, open-source and extendible Node.JS and Express.JS CMS

What is Blaster

Are you tired of writing everytime a CMS for you small projects/customers ? Are you really really tired of using wordpress to be faster just to find yourself losing tons of time with Hooks and Taxonomies?

Well I am!

I wanted a light and deadly simple CMS in Node.JS that I can use as an entry point for all my projects.

What I want Blaster to have:

  • A basic dashboard that I don't have to code everytime both front and backend
  • Posts, Pages, Users, Comments system, theme switcher, navigation and social links
  • A deadly simple way to add custom logics on top of the source application.
  • The possibilities to switch from Templating Engine to a Frontend Framework if I want.
  • An exposed API for the above frontend framework.

Everything of those functionalities are up and working in this stage of the application, being splitted between /app and /extends give me the possibility to fix/update the main application without breaking custom logics on top of it.

What more? Well, optimizing it and making it better with time is my goal now, there are plenty of Node.JS frameworks growing nowadays, so maybe I should look closely if keep going on with Express.JS or using something else (maybe strongloop), but for now I'll stick to it.

###filesystem | folder | description | | --- | --- | | /admin | views and assets for admin dashboard [NB. /src have source JS, while /js have the uglified ones] | | /app | main app layer, all logic is inside here | | /extends | extend main layer with custom logics | | /public | bower assets for both public routes and administrative frontend | | /themes | here you can add your themes if needed to have more | | /uploads | all uploads go here, /avatar is for user avatars (of course, silly) |

/app breakdown

/app description
./init.js the main file requiring all necessary modules and starting the server [called by server.js in root folder]
/configs container configuration module and events/routines and global variables
/controllers Controllers for models and/or generic routes management
/lib helper libraries and personal modules
/middlewares application-wide middlewares and his sub modules
/models Models for MongoDB data and their custom methods
/routes routes handler modules, splitted in public, private and api;

###Contribs If you like it and want to contribute, I'll be glad to look at PR and general advices :)

###Ongoing All the logics I needed are there, I'm going to give a look at everything and refactor old structures remained here and there. I really should have done a TDD at start, I know, but I'm really used to debug in console/postman, but I'm playing around with mocha and I like it, I'll integrate it in the near future when I have some time.


  • Rename .env.example in .env, change env variables accordingly

  • npm install

  • bower install

  • npm start

    for some reason git clone won't get .env.example and .bowerrc, so for now until I look how to fix this you have to get them manually.

nb if npm start fail you need to install nodemon globally

##changelog - Reset password email and plain email in app/lib/mail module is using sendmail as default - extends is, well extended, to admin panel too, it's explained in - Google Analytics rendered on all public view in analytics var - extends! In Extends folder you can add functionalities without breaking the main app, so update would be easier

Known Bugs

  • You tell me!
  • Sometimes I find 'undefined' variables in EJS views, I fixed all of 'em but somethings may be still around popping up with state mutations

##ToDos priority > 1 > 2 > 3 (self explanatory) [1] Generic look for data integrity and well DB relationships, better do this now before I use it in prod. [2] Docs for shared variables across views and well, generic docs for willing devs..or myself.. [3] Blank Theme