My personally preferred node.js webapp scaffold: Node.js + ExpressJS + Nunjucks Templates + Less CSS + Mocha/Chai/Karma + Raw frontend (jQuery, Lodash, Moment)
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An ever changing personal preference Node.js web-app scaffolding.

Use this if you're looking to hit the ground running with a project using Node.js, ExpressJS and some other fairly popular Node.js modules.

To install, make sure you have Node.js (>6.x) installed on your system as well as NPM. Make sure your node_modules folder, or the NODE_PATH environment variable are setup properly as well.

If your Node.js and NPM are already configured, setup and installation is a breeze:

# Install nodemon and bunyan globally
npm install bunyan nodemon mocha -g
# Get other dependencies
npm install
# Configure server details
cp config.sample.js config.js

# Name the project. Replace "YourProjectsNameHere" in the next command with your project name (alpha-numeric only)
find . -type f | xargs sed -i 's/scaffnode/YourProjectsNameHere/gi'

# Edit config.js with your details

# Then start the server:
npm start


The front end of this app bundles jQuery, Bootstrap, and moment.js with a starter framework setup in the frontend folder. Assets are compiled and minified with Grunt and packages are managed by NPM.

This app setup is probably a little different than you're used to, if you have any questions please feel free to ask me or open an issue in this repo.

Traditional Node.js/Express App

The rest of the Scaffnode project uses Angular.js 1.5 to create a single-page-app. This branch sets up a more "traditional" app that renders each view with a pageload.

You can re-minify the frontend:

cd frontend
npm install
# Run grunt, it will watch for changes and rebuild automatically


Scaffnode is only setup for backend API tests (Mocha + superagent).

Run tests:

npm test

Which is just an alias of:

NODE_ENV=dev mocha tests/*_tests.js

###i18n Multi-language support

Example language files are found in locale and example useage can be found in views/index.html.

###Build frontend for production

We need tests, but until then:

cd frontend
grunt build
cd ..

or run a live server (concats/minifies JS/CSS)

npm run

##Live Deploy Helpers

You'll also find an app.upstart file that allows you to install this app as an upstart service for Linix systems that support upstart. Modify the contents of that file and copy it to /etc/init - you'll be able to start and stop your server with sudo service appname start

There's now an NGINX config file too! Make sure you have your SSL crt and key path correctly set (or generate your own)