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KissKissBankBank's front-end components library
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Kitten is a components library based on Sass and React. It provides mixins to create flexible components based on your own brand elements (colors, fonts, typographic scale, etc.).

You can check out Kitten's components on KissKissBankBank's styleguide and on Storybook.



  • react >= 16.8.x
  • react-dom >= 16.8.x
  • @babel/polyfill if you support IE10 and previous versions

Table of content


$ npm install @kisskissbankbank/kitten


CSS components

Import kitten and the components your want to use in your application:

@import 'kitten';

@include k-Button;

You can define your own font families, typography settings and colors by overriding the the $k-fonts, $k-typography and $k-colors options. Check out the default config for an example.

React components

You can render React components directly in your js bundle:

import { SimpleCard } from '@kisskissbankbank/kitten'

  <SimpleCard ...props/>,



Check out the guidelines to start creating new components!


$ bin/install


To cleanup installed modules:



To launch storybook locally:

npm run storybook

Then visit http://localhost:6006

To release Storybook simply run this command:

npm run deploy-storybook


To launch the styleguide using webpack:

$ npm run styleguide:start

Then visit http://localhost:3000

Production settings

To share the styleguide with production settings (to share via ngrok for example), you can compile the assets:

$ npm run styleguide:build

It will create a build folder with static files. You can serve it as you wish

Component testing

To launch the JS tests:

$ npm test

Check out the guidelines to know how to test kitten.


To contribute code:

  • Create a pull request on GitHub with a clear title in English.

  • Tag it with the right labels: Needs reviews, Needs testing or Work in progress.

  • Don't forget to update the under the [unreleased] section with the following syntax:

    - Breaking change: a breaking change.
    - Feature: a new feature.
    - Fix: a fix.

To merge code into master:

  • Make sure the code has been reviewed by someone.
  • Make sure it has been tested.
  • Merge using Squash and merge on GitHub.
  • Delete the branch.


Only for KissKissBankBank collaborators


If this is your first release, start by saving your npm credentials in your ~/.npmrc by calling:

$ npm login

Prepare the release pull request

  • Pull master.
  • Update the file:
  • Update the package.json file:
    • Update the version with the version of the library.
  • Update the package-lock.json file:
    • Update the version with the version of the library.
  • Run this command:
bin/release NEW_VERSION
  • Follow the link to create the pull request on Github.
  • Announce the release on KissKissBankBank's #kit-ui Slack channel with the related CHANGELOG.


Once the pull request is accepted:

  • Merge the pull request into master.
  • Delete the release branch.
  • Run this command:
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