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MumPI - Mumble Webinterface

MumPI is a Webinterface for your Mumble Server ("Murmur"). It is written in PHP, and is using the Ice-Middleware.

For installation notices, see INSTALL.txt or better yet
For FAQ see
For Updates follow this repository (e.g. only releases)

Note: User registration has captchas enabled by default, which requires the PHP GD extension installed and enabled.
See settings file $useCaptcha.

To access the admin area, add /admin/ to your url.
To access the viewer, add /viewer/ to your url.
To access the user, add /user/ to your url. (redirect in place)
To get JSON data in the CVP format: ?view=json&serverId=1
To get JSON data in JSONP style: ?view=json&serverId=1&callback=?

On first admin-login your admin account will be created. No need to manually create your first admin account yourself. Just login and admin-away!

Note on accounts:
The interface is using a local database for storing mumpi admin accounts etc.
This has nothing to do with mumble or murmur accounts, but only the interface itself.
At this moment, filesystem and individual files are totally sufficient and probably better in performance than a DBS like MySQL would be (just disk I/O rather than tcp connections and a separate system to call).

3rd Party things:
Icons from