D-Bus IPC C++ binding library built on top of sd-bus, a D-Bus C library by systemd
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sdbus-c++ is a C++ API library for D-Bus IPC, based on sd-bus implementation.

Building and installing the library

The library is built using CMake:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ make
$ sudo make install

By default, the library builds its unit and integration tests. That incorporates downloading and building static libraries of Google Test. Use -DENABLE_TESTS=OFF configure flag if you want to disable building the tests.

By default, the library doesn't build the code generator for adaptor and proxy interfaces. Use -DBUILD_CODE_GEN=ON flag to also build the code generator.


  • C++17 - the library uses C++17 std::uncaught_exceptions() feature. When building sdbus-c++ manually, make sure you use a compiler that supports that feature.
  • libsystemd - systemd library containing sd-bus implementation. Systemd v236 at least is needed for sdbus-c++ to compile.
  • googletest - google unit testing framework, only necessary when building tests, will be downloaded and built automatically


The library is distributed under LGPLv2.1 license.



Contributions that increase the library quality, functionality, or fix issues are very welcome. To introduce a change, please submit a pull request with a description.