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BASH Music Player Daemon (MPD) Client
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bmpc - The BASH Music Player Daemon (MPD) Client

What is bmpc?

bmpc is a Music Player Daemon (MPD) written in BASH. It uses a BASH socket to connect over TCP to your MPD server and executes commands with a nice output.

How do I get bmpc?

As of right now, the only way to get bmpc is by cloning in this git repository at .

How to run bmpc

To run bmpc, open a terminal and cd to the cloned git repository directory. Then, just ./bmpc COMMAND to use it. Alternatively, you can move bmpc into your $PATH somewhere and use it without the ./ for current directory execution.

Here's the current output of bmpc -h:

help | -h | --help	Display this help.
next 			Jump to next song on playlist.
prev			Jump to previous song on playlist.
pause			Pause current playback.
stop			Stop current playback.
play			Resume playback from stop or pause.
toggle			Toggles between play|pause/stop. Useful for keybindings.
current			Shows information on currently playing song.
rm SONGID		Removes song with id SONGID from the playlist.
rm current		Removes the currently playing song from the playlist.

set			Displays various settings about the MPD server.
set random		Toggles random playback.
set repeat		Toggles repeat behavior on playback.

--host HOST		 Specify MPD_HOST.
--nocolor		 Specify bmpc to use no colors.

Contact Me

If you would like to suggest something new, inform me of an issue in the script, become part of the project, or talk to me about anything else, you can either email me at kittykattATkittykattDOTus or you can connect to Rizon and chat with me at irc://

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