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mpdnotify - A libnotify daemon for MPD/MPC

What is mpdnotify?

This small Bash script is a daemon that runs in the background and will execute a command when MPD does something, using mpc's idleloop function. In this case, we are creating a notification window with libnotify. This little window will pop up for about 2 seconds with the cover art (if available), artist name, track name, and album name. This is mainly to be used when mpc changes to the next track.


MPD - mpc - libnotify imagemagick

How do I get mpdnotify? (Arch Linux)

  1. Install mpdnotify-git from the AUR. That's it!

How do I get mpdnotify? (Others)

  1. Download the latest source. Found at
  2. In a terminal, make the file executable by doing the following: chmod +x /path/to/mpdnotify
  3. Then, either keep it there, or move it to somewhere in your $PATH to make it available without having to use the full path to the script.

How to run mpdnotify

The command to run mpdnotify is the same as most any daemon. Use mpdnotify with the arguments (start|stop|restart) to control it. Upon first execution, it will create a default config file at ~/.config/mpdnotify/config. YOU NEED TO EDIT THIS CONFIG TO SUIT YOUR NEEDS.


Thanks brisbin33 for the bashnotify daemon template, which can be found:

Here - Here -

Contact Me

If you would like to suggest something new, inform me of an issue in the script, become part of the project, or talk to me about anything else, you can either email me at kittykattATarchlinuxDOTus or you can connect to my IRC server on SilverIRC at irc://