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@@ -13,25 +13,30 @@ right. There are options to specify no ascii art, colors, taking a
screenshot upon displaying info, and even customizing the screenshot
command! This script is very easy to add to and can easily be extended.
-How do I get screenFetch? (Arch Linux)
-1. Install `screenfetch-git` or 'screenfetch' from the AUR. That's it!
-How do I get screenFetch? (Mageia)
+How do I get screenFetch?
+Arch Linux
+1. Install `screenfetch-git` or `screenfetch` from the AUR. That's it!
1. Install screenfetch from the official repositories with urpmi or rpmdrake.
e.g. # urpmi screenfetch
-How do I get screenFetch? (Others)
+1. Emerge screenfetch from portage using `emerge screenfetch`
1. Download the latest source. Found at
2. In a terminal, make the file executable by doing the following: `chmod +x /path/to/screenfetch/screenfetch-dev`
3. Then, either keep it there, or move it to somewhere in your $PATH to make it available without having to use the full path to the script.
-How to run screenFetch
+Running screenfetch
To run screenFetch, open a terminal of some sort and type in the command `screenFetch`

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