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Hi KittyKatt!

First, thanks for the script! It's quite good and I'm a fan as well as others in the irc circles I hang out in. I was hoping to get some more work done on sorting out the Gnome3/GTK3.x bits but I also don't want my changes to get too far out of band from the official repo.

I switched echo statements to printf as a side effect of the trampling POSIX specifications on it.

I also added some bits and changed some of the logic in places I felt it might be confusing for a newcomer to parse through. I also enforced 80 columns where possible and formatted in a more PEP8 style (but that's mostly preference). My changes are merely suggestions awaiting approval, feedback is highly welcomed!

I was hoping to merge the code together and then next official release I would package this up and maintain it for Fedora.

Many thanks!


maxamillion added some commits Jun 9, 2011
@maxamillion maxamillion Redid the formatting of the help output ported from echo to printf fo…
…r personal

preference reasons. I feel the code is cleaner when using formatting strings
and more easily ported/maintained.
@maxamillion maxamillion working on forcing 80 columns where able, using 4 space width tabs (p…

preference just from PEP8 digging in my skull), also migrating if statements
into more consistent usage of [[ ]] instead of [ ]

Going to reformat some if statements as well as rework some if statement runs
as case statements.
@maxamillion maxamillion Making strides to the [ and [[ fixes ... motivation documented here: abc7f18
@maxamillion maxamillion Getting there in stride, lots of code refactoring done, more to go. T…
…he code

wasn't bad. I want to be sure to express that, I just have preferences and once
I'm done I hope to go through a merge request.

I also added detection support for Gnome3/GnomeShell (not sure about fallback
mode just yet ... we'll get there).

Migrated Shell detection from a pipe to awk to a simple bash builtin
@maxamillion maxamillion More code clean up, refactoring a bit ... left one case statement as …
…one liners

since every case is only an assignment, if that changes then will likely
reformat that as well for readability.
@maxamillion maxamillion More refactoring ... my commit logs likely won't be useful or interes…
…ting for the

most part .... or maybe later when I get some more crafty gnome3/gnome-shell bits in
@maxamillion maxamillion finished up formatting of the ascii art sections ... going to break f…
…or a

bit and pick it up after work.
@maxamillion maxamillion Finished first pass of reformatting/refactoring, fixed a couple bugs,…
… and did

away with all echo statements I could see... still working towards good
Gnome3/gnome-shell support

WOAH. Sorry for not checking up on this sooner. Thanks for all the suggestions. I havent't had time to look them over yet, but I'll do so this weekend and get back to you.


Wow. Still didn't get around to that. I have more time on my hands now and I've been looking back at this code a lot again lately.

So, I SHOULD be able to get to this soon. Thanks again for the support and commits.


Merged a couple of things from your commits. Will be looking closer at printf usage.

@KittyKatt KittyKatt was assigned Aug 12, 2012
Fuuzetsu commented Nov 9, 2012

Any updates on the status of this?


Will be looking closer at it this weekend.


...6 months later


Shhhhh. This has been sitting on my TODO list forever. ;~;


No worries, life gets crazy. :)


Leaving this open to go through on a rainy day and migrate to current code base.

@KittyKatt KittyKatt assigned KittyKatt and unassigned KittyKatt Sep 10, 2014

I'm finally gonna try to get this out of my PRs tomorrow by going over your commits and cherry picking what I like into current codebase.

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