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Kitware branch of ninja for staging features not yet integrated upstream
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bradking Extend version number and README to indicate this Kitware feature branch
Pending upstream integration of the features added by this branch,
extend the version number of Ninja to indicate that it has the
'dyndep' feature so that tools can detect availability.

Also extend the version number to report the 'jobserver' feature.
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Kitware maintains this branch of Ninja in order to provide features
that have not yet been integrated upstream:

* Dynamic dependency discovery needed for Fortran builds
* make-style jobserver support

This branch may be *rebased* without notice for maintenance on top of
the upstream 'master' branch.  It will be removed once upstream has
integrated the features.

Parts of this branch are under upstream consideration:


As each PR is accepted additional parts of this branch will be submitted

Binaries built from versions of this branch are available here:



Ninja is a small build system with a focus on speed.

See the manual -- or
doc/manual.asciidoc included in the distribution -- for background
and more details.

Binaries for Linux, Mac, and Windows are available at
Run './ninja -h' for Ninja help.

To build your own binary, on many platforms it should be sufficient to
just run `./ --bootstrap`; for more details see
(Also read that before making changes to Ninja, as it has advice.)

Installation is not necessary because the only required file is the
resulting ninja binary. However, to enable features like Bash
completion and Emacs and Vim editing modes, some files in misc/ must be
copied to appropriate locations.

If you're interested in making changes to Ninja, read first.
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