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Kitware is the lead developer of CMake, ParaView, ITK, and VTK. We also develop special-purpose algorithms and applications, featured here.

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  1. ITKUltrasound ITKUltrasound Public

    ITK module with classes particularly useful for ultrasound.

    C++ 50 20

  2. SlicerVirtualReality SlicerVirtualReality Public

    A Slicer extension that enables user to interact with a Slicer scene using virtual reality.

    C++ 112 57

  3. SlicerCustomAppTemplate SlicerCustomAppTemplate Public

    Template to be used as a starting point for creating a custom 3D Slicer application

    C++ 46 23

  4. ITKPhaseSymmetry ITKPhaseSymmetry Public

    Forked from thewtex/ITKPhaseSymmetry

    Multi-scale Steerable Phase-Symmetry Filters for ITK

    C++ 2 10

  5. USNeuralNetworkWorkshop USNeuralNetworkWorkshop Public

    Forked from HastingsGreer/USNeuralNetworkWorkshop

    Jupyter Notebook 3 1

  6. SlicerITKUltrasound SlicerITKUltrasound Public

    Ultrasound image formation, processing, and analysis. Interfaces built off the ITKUltrasound library.

    C++ 22 21


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