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Super Quickstart



git clone
cd 2019-ImageXD-Registration-Tutorial
python -m pip install -r requirements.txt
jupyter notebook


The tutorial consists of lecture segments followed by hands-on exercises. We strongly encourage you to bring a laptop with all required packages installed in order to fully participate.

Software required

  • Python

    If you are new to Python, please install the Anaconda distribution for Python version 3 (available on OSX, Linux, and Windows). Everyone else, feel free to use your favorite distribution, but please ensure the requirements below are met:

    • python >= 3.6
    • numpy >= 1.12
    • scipy >= 1.0
    • matplotlib >= 2.1
    • scikit-image >= 0.15
    • itk >= 5.0.1
    • itkwidgets == 0.18
  • ITK

    ITK is an open-source toolkit for multidimensional image analysis. If you are using Anaconda, it is easy to install ITK using the conda-forge repository, through the following command:

    $ python -m pip install itk

  • Jupyter

    The lecture material includes Jupyter notebooks. Please follow the Jupyter installation instructions, and ensure you have version 4 or later:

    $ jupyter --version

    Please also activate Jupyter Widgets:

    python -m pip install -q ipywidgets
    jupyter nbextension enable --py --sys-prefix widgetsnbextension

Download lecture material

  1. Install Git
  2. Clone the repository at

We may make editorial corrections to the material until the day before the workshop, so please execute git pull to update.

Install into an environment

Optionally, create a new conda environment or virtual environment.

Then, install the packages:

$ pip3 install --upgrade --pre --upgrade-strategy eager -r requirements.txt

If you do not have a working setup, please contact the instructors.

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