A Sketch plugin to make the standard slicing with a user-given viewBox size automatically and creating multiple sizes(1x/2x/3x) of your slices , you can choose to autosave in a path or not.
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A Sketch plugin that can slice your icon to a new Artboard by a variable size given by yourself,making your icon touch to the edge of its viewBox by scaling and border testing automatically.It can create multiple sizes(1x/2x/3x) of your slices,and you can choose to autosave in a path or not.

Simple Slicing:


Slice and Autosave by multiple sizes:



  1. Download Coffee slice - v2.0.zip archive with the plugin.
  2. Reveal plugins folder in finder ('Sketch App Menu' -> 'Plugins' -> 'Manage Plugins...' -> 'Gear Icon' -> 'Show Plugins Folder'). 3.Double-click Coffee Slice.sketchplugin file inside it.


Simple Slicing

1.Select the icon that you want to slice


2.Slice selection:

Click '🙉 Coffee Slice' -> 'Just Slice' or use the shortcut : ⌃ + ⇧ + K

3.Give it a number of the icon's viewBox size (base 1x)

input size

4.Your slices are ready!

The icon will duplicate in a new Artboard with the size you given before,a layer of Slice will ready in the top of new Artboard,just use the basic export of Sketch to get your slices!


Slice and Autosave

1.Select the icon that you want to slice


2.Choose your Artboard's base size and which type of icons you need(PNG or SVG)


3.Choose a path to save


4.You can find them in the given path



If you discover any issue or have any suggestions for improvement of the plugin, please open an issue or email me: oohmyv@gmail.com


The MIT License (MIT)