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Next-generation libalpm/makepkg wrapper.
Lua C
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extras Fixes comments in zsh completion refering to pacman
.gitignore [.gitignore] added some files
LICENSE [LICENSE] Removed obsolete license info for Json.lua
Makefile Unbug Makefile and remove huge warning message.
PKGBUILD On second thought, require pacman 3.5 in PKGBUILD.
PROPOSAL [PROPOSAL] s/pacman/makepkg/
README [README] Update to reflect addition of progress bars and no longer al…
clyde Don't use get_builduser for clyde.conf.


WARNING: This program is currently in beta state. Therefore, use it at your
own risk. The developers are not responsible if it breaks your system, fries
your motherboard, or eats your babies.

That is all.

PS: If any of the aformentioned catastrophies does happen, please forward us
bug reports... If anything overly drastic happens, PICS OR GTFO!

A note from the lead developer (DigitalKiwi):

In all seriousness: It should be perfectly safe to use, it only lacks a few
features that pacman has. Bugs can be posted to github under issues or at or DigitalKiwi on freenode

It is still lacking some of the AUR support that it will have, so if you find
it lacking wait a while and come back and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Thank you for your interest in Clyde, I hope it serves you well, leave
feedback if you like and I will take it into consideraion.
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