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Changelog -*- org -*-
: ____ _ _ ____ _
: / ___| |_ _ __| | ___ / ___| |__ __ _ _ __ __ _ ___ ___
: | | | | | | |/ _` |/ _ \ | | | '_ \ / _` | '_ \ / _` |/ _ \/ __|
: | |___| | |_| | (_| | __/ | |___| | | | (_| | | | | (_| | __/\__ \
: \____|_|\__, |\__,_|\___| \____|_| |_|\__,_|_| |_|\__, |\___||___/
: |___/ |___/
* Version 0.03.15 [2011-03-26 Sat]
** Updated for pacman 3.5
The new libalpm changes have been incorporated into lualpm and
clyde has been updated to use the new API. Here is a list of
new features from libalpm, they should be the same as pacman.
- CheckSpace option added to config file.
- -d allows for less dep ignorance, -dd for full power.
- You can now select from multiple providers of deps.
** Progress bar padding fixed :BUG:
Extra space was added for the progress bar to make things line up
** PKGBUILD customizing would not find .install files :BUG:
I (Justin) did not chdir into the source package directory before
parsing the PKGBUILDs so it never actually found any .install files.
Reported by anish #116
* Version 0.03.14 [2011-02-20 Sun]
** Display versions when searching
Thanks to a patch from RamsesDeNorre, now when you search for a package
and it is already installed a version is printed if the search result
does not match your installed version.
** Color scheme change
I (juster) changed the color scheme for search results. I find it to
be less obnoxious. Let me know if you hate it. The colors for package
info was changed slightly to match the search results colors.
** PKGDEST / custom package cache problems :BUG:
A user could have a custom built package cache by exporting the
PKGDEST environment variable or setting it in /etc/makepkg.conf. Clyde
was acting buggy when it went searching for where the binary package file
ended up.
Reported by smferris. Thanks!
* Version 0.03.13 [2011-02-19 Sat]
** AUR Sysupgrade Is ... Upgraded
Thanks to RamsesDeNorre IgnorePkg will work properly when performing
a sysupgrade on AUR packages.
When you run sysupgrade for AUR packages it should also look a
little nicer. Now you can see what packages are being checked.
** Multiple Built Packages :BUG:
Multiple package files in the same build directory for an AUR package
would cause a bug. Fixed thanks to RamsesDeNorre's patch.
* Version 0.03.12 [2011-02-14 Mon]
** Strange Clyde Crash :BUG:
RamsesDeNorre reported that clyde will crash because 'alpm' needed to be
require-ed inside aur.lua. For some reason I could not reproduce.
RamsesDeNorre was kind enough to submit a patch that is merged.
Bug Report :
Thanks RamsesDeNorre!
* Version 0.03.11 [2011-02-14 Mon]
** Config File Creation Failed :BUG:
I typod a function (getbuilduser) causing file creation to error out.
Bug Report :
Thanks thechitowncubs!
* Version 0.03.10 [2011-02-10 Thu]
** AUR Customize Messages
The great big warning has been changed to yellow and now only the arrow
next to it blinks. And there was much rejoicing. A new "Customizing..."
status message was added just to be complete...
** AUR Build Directory is Overridable :NEW:
You can override the build directory now. The build directory is where
source packages are extracted to. Alot of the AUR code was re-written
and moved to the aur.lua file. Keen!
The build directory must exist, clyde will not create it for you.
Thanks to "rekado" on github for the patch that started it all.
** Change Log :NEW:
I started this change log because I tend to forget what I change. I
wanted a higher-level view of changes than git commit logs give
me. This text file uses org-mode in Emacs.
* Version 0.03.09 [2011-02-04 Fri]
** Transaction Conversation Callbacks :BUG:
Answers would always came back to clyde as a no. :^o
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