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C# Semtech SX127X/RFM9X LoRa library for Wilderness Labs Meadow devices
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A C# library for LoRa@LoRaAlliance connectivity for Semtech @SX127X/HopeRF @RFMRFM9X equipped shields on Wilderness labs Meadow devices

The repo has the source code for the series of blog posts written as I build this library (based on my Windows 10 IoT Core library)

  1. ShieldSPI
  2. RegisterRead(
  3. RegisterScan(
  4. RegisterReadAndWrite(
  5. TransmitBasic(
  6. ReceiveBasic(
  7. ReceiveInterrupt(
  8. TransmitInterrupt(
  9. ReceiveTransmitInterrupt(
  10. RFM9X.Meadow on Github(

My initial test rig used a Meadow device and a Dragino Arduino shield. Dragino Test rig this was so I could only connect the pins that I needed.

My second test rig uses a Meadow device and an Adafruit 433MHz or 868MHz feather wing Adafruit Test rig

There are also parallel development projects for Windows 10 IoT Core and .Net Micro Framework

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