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KyNc – a generic API for key encapsulation and a Rust interface to KyNc-plugins
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This crate is a Rust interface to KyNc plugins.

What is the purpose of KyNc and this crate?

Short: Abstracting key management away.

Long: KyNc defines and this crate implements a plugin interface, that allows to use plugins for key management. Your app generates a random key to do something and the user can specify how this key is stored. Some users may install a plugin that uses GnuPG to seal the key, some people may load a plugin that uses a password to encrypt the key, and some companies may use their own custom plugins that integrate perfectly in their environment. And they only need to do it once – because if a specific plugin has been created, it can be used with all applications that implement KyNc.

⚠️ State ⚠️

This library and standard are alpha and neither audited nor frozen. Use at your own risk and feel free to contribute.

Known plugins that implement KyNc

. Currently none – but I'm working on a GnuPG plugin to utilize my Yubikey 🙃

If you want to implement your own plugin, take a look at the specification, the kync_test_plugin and the contained kync.h-file.

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