An Age and Gender Classifier with a Fully-Connected artificial Neural Network
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An Age and Gender Classifier with a Fully-Connected artificial Neural Network

I used this personal project as my capstone project for the Udacity's Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree Program. It is the equivalent of a Master of Engineering thesis. You could find the observations of my reviewer HERE.

  • Full implementation code in python available here, open to research and further improvements.



For this work you will also need to install these Frameworks:

pip install tflearn

Files and datasets

I. First, you should download the Adience Dataset (faces.tar.gz (1.2Gb) or aligned.tar.gz (2.6Gb) compressed files).

You should also clone the AgeGenderDeepLearning repository. Only the Folds repository will be necessary for the process; it contains the .txt files, labels of the Adience Benchmark in separated age and gender files {age_test.txt, age_train.txt, age_train_subset.txt, age_val.txt, gender_test.txt, gender_train.txt, gender_train_subset.txt, gender_val.txt}.

Both files should be extracted and made available at the same location, otherwise make sure that the files paths are accessible from the Ipython Notebook files. And also update the folds_path variable with the correct Fold path name and the images_root_directory variable with the correct Adience /face or /aligned repositories paths. This will ensure the creation of the Unified Dataset.

Pay attention on the directory separators when writing the files' paths for Python 2 or Python 3. See the example below :

if int(PyVersion[0])==2:
    print("Jean-Claude, I got in python 2")
    print("Jean-Claude, I got in python 3")

II. You could also instead clone this repository where the Folds directory is already available with Ipython Notebook files.

git clone
cd Age-Gender-Classifier/
# And also Extract the /face and/or /aligned datasets here.

And then simply execute the IPython Notebooks in your preferred environment (Anaconda, Virtual environment, etc.).

cd Age-Gender-Classifier/
jupyter notebook AgeGenderPrediction-OneHotModel-Py2-3.ipynb
# and/or
jupyter notebook AgeGenderPrediction-TuplesModel-Py2-3.ipynb

III. Now you can work with the age_gender_unified_dataset.pickle file already separated in age_gender_dataset (features)
and age_gender_labels (2-hot labels) .
It contains unique images which have both gender and age information in the Adience Dataset.
You can download the age_gender_unified_dataset.pickle file HERE(2.39Go), in the same location as the pickle notebook files (AgeGenderPrediction-OneHotModel-Py23-PickleFile.ipynb or AgeGenderPrediction-TuplesModel-Py23-PickleFile.ipynb).
Or create your own pickle file from the previous notebooks (AgeGenderPrediction-OneHotModel-Py2-3.ipynb), using the code provided in I.4- Training and Test sets creation.
==> And then simply execute the IPython pickle Notebooks in your preferred environment (Anaconda, Virtual environment, etc.).

cd Age-Gender-Classifier/
jupyter notebook AgeGenderPrediction-OneHotModel-Py23-PickleFile.ipynb
# and/or
jupyter notebook AgeGenderPrediction-TuplesModel-Py23-PickleFile.ipynb

Because of the checksum the images should not have the same order if you choose to built your own pickle file from the code I provided above. To verify that you have the original age_gender_unified_dataset.pickle file I built, you should have the following images for the first image of the unified dataset, and for the second image of the training set.
alt tag

The Methods I, II and III have to be done alternatively (not cumulable), please choose your preferred method.

For more details, you should also find the proposal and the report PDF files on this repository.


Tasks Date Update
Report 30/06/2017 05/07/2017
Write an example of prediction label interpretation function 05/07/2017 ...
Write an example of age prediction ranges function 24/07/2017 ...
Increase the Unified Dataset and make it available in a compressed file, with usage script 01/09/2017 03/09/2017
Provide a mobile app demo of the age and gender classifier ... ...


Please, cite me in your publications if it helps your research.
I appreciate, but do not require, attribution.
The following is a BibTeX and plaintext reference for my Age-Gender-Classifier.

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  with a Fully-Connected artificial Neural Network},
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K. K. Jean-Claude,
"Age-Gender-Classifier: An Age and Gender Classifier with a Fully-Connected artificial Neural Network,"
Udacity, Machine Learning Engineer Nanodegree, Tech. Rep., July 2017.

==> "Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them."
==> "The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." 

Albert-Einstein 👼