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WhereAmI - an Android app - finds your way.

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whereami.gz contains all source code, assets, and files for Eclipse. Can (hopfully) be extracted on both Windows and Linux using tar.

Where am I? - 1.0

[!]The Where am I  app finds your way. The app works with GPS and Google Maps. Use the functions Where am I or I am lost possibly in combination with the Mark function.

Where am I?

Touch Where am I and your current location is shown on the map as a red cross. Additional info like latitude, longitude, accuracy, and altitude may also be displayed. See also Set Mark below.

I am lost – Show Direction!

I am lost is intended to be used when you are totally lost. Touch I am lost –Show direction! and start walking. The map is oriented in the direction you walk. Your route is shown on the map. Touch Stop Direction when you are sure about the correct direction.

Set Mark

Set Mark sets a mark (a finish flag) on the map. You can set the mark where you are or on another place. From Where am I and I am lost the “crow path” from current position to the mark is seen as a line of arrows on the map. Mark here may be useful for example when you want to go back to your car – set the mark before leaving the car. Mark on another place sets the finish flag on any place on the map. You have to enter the name of the place (for example an address). The place is indicated with a circle on the map. You can touch the map to move the circle. Then press Save.

To remove the mark, touch the Mark button and OK in Remove Mark.

When using the mark (the finish flag) you can run Where am I and I am lost a number of times and check that you are heading towards the finish flag.


Units: foot and mile. Defaults are meter and kilometer.

Get altitude using Google Maps Web service. The altitude provided by GPS is often not so good. Improve the accuracy of the altitude by selecting this option.

Number of fixes for best GPS fix. The accuracy can be improved by selecting the best point (best accuracy) out of more than one measurements.


WhereAmI - an Android app - finds your way.







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