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Make your windows 10 computer IOT friendly
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Win 10 Assistant

Make your windows 10 computer IOT friendly with MQTT

Publish mqtt senors

Cpu prosessor load /cpuprosessortime

[maintopic]/cpuprosessortime returns string 0-100%

Free memory in MB /freememory

[maintopic]/freememory returns string of memory in MB

Volume muted

[maintopic]/mute 1=muted 0=not muted

Master volume in % volume

[maintopic]/volume returns string of current volume setting 0-100

Camera Screnshot of primary monitor

if enabled it publishes to specified folder as jpg file or published the [maintopic]/mqttcamera topic

Battery sensors

if enabled published to [maintopic]/Power with subtopics

  • BatteryChargeStatus
  • BatteryFullLifetime
  • BatteryLifePercent
  • BatteryLifeRemaining
  • PowerLineStatus

In use

[maintopic]/binary_sensor/inUse Message "on" if the API GetLastInputInfo is less then 30 seconds else "off"

Disk sensors

[maintopic]/drive Subtopic with each drive letter with the following subtopics

  • totalsize
  • percentFree
  • availablefreespace

Exsample : kjetilsv/drive/c/totalsize

MQTT listeners

The predefined is optional due safety resons


[maintopic]/mute/set 1=muted 0=not muted published to [maintopic]/mute after setting


[maintopic]/volume/set volume 0-100 published to [maintopic]/volume after setting


[maintopic]/monitor/set 0-1 published to [maintopic]/monitor after setting

Suspend PC








Toast message

[maintopic]/toast Displays a message on the windows computer. Message exsample "Home Assistant,kom ned!,Kjetil,c:\temp\iselin.jpg". The the image must be visable from the windows computer.


[maintopic]/tts Mqtt message is sendt to the synthesizer. Currently the volume is set to 100%

app/running sensor

[maintopic]/app/running/ message:[appname] and published back to [maintopic]/app/running/[appname] with 0= not running/not found in process 1= found Tested with common applications like spotify/firefox/skype. Exsample: mosquitto_pub -t kjetilsv/app/running -m Spotify if spotify is running kjetilsv/app/running/Spotify return message = 1


{"CommandString": "Chrome","WindowStyle": "1","ExecParameters": "","MonitorId": "1"}

Custom commands

[maintopic]/[customcommandname] Message is currently not used, will be impemented in later versions. One example of a custom command is lockcomputer. Thanks to @FatBasta it's no added in the hass-example file.

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